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Academic Calendar

About Our Academic Calendar

  • Campbellsville University’s academic calendar runs August 1 through July 31.
  • Undergraduate programs are based on the 16-week semester plus a number of summer terms.
  • Graduate programs use the semester, trimester, and other program-specific terms.
  • “Bi-Term” refers to either the first or second half of a regular 16-week semester as indicated on the academic calendar.
  • All terms generate “semester” credit hours for successfully completed courses.
Spring 2021
Spring Semester
January 12-May 8
1st bi-term
January 12-March 6
2nd bi-term
March 8 –May 1
January 11
January 12
Instruction begins remotely
January 19
Last Day to add/register for 1st bi-term or semester term
January 18
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no classes)
January 19
Face-to-Face instruction begins
February 10
Tiger Day #1
February 19
Last Day to drop 1st bi-term class with W
February 25
Tiger Day #2
March 5
1st bi-term ends
March 8
2nd bi-term begins
March 12
Last Day to add/register 2nd bi-term
March 10-19
Junior and Senior Academic Advising
March 16
Tiger Day #3
March 22-23
Sophomore Academic Advising
March 24-April 2
Freshman Academic Advising, Sophomore/Junior/Senior Academic Advising continued
April 5
Last day to drop with W (semester term)
April 2
Good Friday (No Classes)
April 16
Last day to drop 2nd bi-term class with W
April 26-30
Final Exams
April 30
Graduate Commencement
May 1
Undergraduate Commencement
May 3
Grades due
Summer 2021
May Summer Sub-Term
May 10-May 29
Early Summer Sub-Term
May 10-June 30
June Summer Sub-Term
June 1-June 26
June/July Summer Sub-Term (Regular)
June 1-July 24
July Summer Sub-Term
June 28-July 24
Late Summer Sub-Term
July 1-August 21
May 10
Registration for May Term/Early Summer Term
May 10
May Term classes/Early Summer Term classes begin
May 11
Last day to add/register for May Term
May 14
Last day to add/register for Early Summer Term
May 24
Last day to drop with W (May Term)
May 29
May Term ends
May 31
Memorial Day (no classes)
June 1
Registration for June Term and June/July Term
June 1
June and June/July Term classes begin
June 3
Last day to add/register June term
June 5
Last day to add/register June/July term
June 11
Last day to drop Early Summer Term with W
June 20
Last day to drop June term classes with W
June 26
June Term ends
June 28
July Term begins
June 30
Last day to add/register for July term
June 30
Early Summer Term ends
July 1
Late Summer Term begins
July 5
Independence Day Observed (no July, June/July or Late Summer Term classes)
July 7
Last day to add/register for Late Summer Term
July 10
Last day to drop June/July term classes with W
July 17
Last day to drop July term classes with W
July 24
July and June/July terms end
August 12
Last day to drop Late Summer Term with W
August 21
Late Summer Term ends
Fall 2021
Fall Semester
August 23-December 11
1st bi-term
August 23-October 16
2nd bi-term
October 18-December 11
August 23
August 23
Evening Classes begin at 5:15pm
August 24
All classes begin
August 27
Last day to register for 1st bi-term or semester classes
September 6
Labor Day- No Classes
October 1
Last Day to drop 1st bi-term with W
October 14-15
Fall Break- No Classes
October 16
1st bi-term ends
October 18
2nd bi-term begins
October 22
Last Day to register for 2nd bi-term
October 20-29
Junior and Senior Academic Advising
November 1-2
Sophomore Academic Advising
November 3-12
Freshman Academic Advising
November 12
Last day to drop semester classes with W
November 24,25,26
Thanksgiving Holidays- No Classes
November 26
Last day to drop 2nd bi-term with W
December 6-10
Final Exams
December 10
December 13
Grades due
Winter Term
December 27-January 8
Winter Term
January 1
New Years Day- No Classes