The Campbellsville Review

A Journal of the Faculty of Campbellsville University

Founded 2002
ISSN: 2373-1362

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The Campbellsville Review (CR) provides members of Campbellsville University an avenue for publishing critical and scholarly works based on subjects in which they are researching. It chronicles the ongoing scholarship of the University community, which includes faculty members, upper class and graduate students, alumni, visiting scholars and lecturers, and staff. It is also a way in which the university community can share resources and ideas about teaching. The CR is published biennially under the auspices of the vice president of Academic Affairs.


Volume 8 (2015-2016)

Volume 7 (2012-2014)

Volume 6 (2010-2012)

Volume 5 (2009-2010)

Volume 4 (2007-2009)


The Editorial Board invites submissions from faculty, university staff, upper class and graduate students, alumni, and visiting lecturers who are researching and/or writing on topics of interest to them. Articles and essays must be scholarly in approach and reviews must relate to topics that can be useful in teaching or informing knowledge in one or several disciplines. The Review publishes works across disciplines. It chronicles the ongoing scholarship of the CU community. It is also a way in which the CU community can share resources and ideas about teaching. The CR is published biennially under the auspices of the Office of Academic Affairs.

The Campbellsville Review publishes articles, essays, short stories, poems, etc. that anyone in the CU community has had published as books or in peer reviewed journals, literary journals, academic conference programs, encyclopedia articles, and the like (see elsewhere on this website).

The Review is published both in print and online. The online edition can be accessed to the left. For guidelines in submitting different kinds of articles, creative items, and reviews look at other parts of this website.


The eighth volume of The Campbellsville Review, the scholarly journal of Campbellsville University’s faculty, staff, and friends, was published in Nov. 2016. This issue includes articles, lectures, and reviews of film and books from 2015-2016. Lectures by visiting speakers on Baptist Heritage and Christians for Biblical Equality begin the volume. Articles revisiting the concept of Baptist affiliated universities and exploring the literary art of two post-World War II women by Dwayne Howell and Justy Engle, respectively, are in this issue as are essays by Wesley Roberts about the university’s unique keyboard collection and by Edwin Pavy, Jr., who explores how cultural bias influences the selection of choral repertoires in Kentucky public schools. Robert Doty remembers his 1995 mission trip to Cuba, and in their addresses, E. Bruce Heilman inspired the 2015 graduating class, John Chowning delivered an inspirational devotion about CU’s future, and Shawn Williams commented on Christians’ civic responsibilities. A listing of published works by faculty in the previous two years is also included. Free copies are available at the Montgomery Library on the campus.

Volume nine of The Campbellsville Review is scheduled to be published in spring 2019.

For additional information, or to submit an article or other work, contact Jonathan May, managing editor, at