Volume 6 2010-2012


Who could have imagined four centuries ago the impact which the King James translation of the Bible would have on the English-speaking world? Among the many commemorative events occurring in 2011, Campbellsville University’s celebration of the quadricentennial anniversary of this landmark translation was an invigorating look back to the past and a reflection on the […]


Melissa C. Askew is music director at Midway Christian Church in Midway, Kentucky. She is interested in finding effective methods to bring people together through their differences in worship preferences. She received her Master of Music in Church Music degree from Campbellsville University in 2011. Richard E. Corum is Associate Dean and Professor of Business […]


A Historical Introduction and Study of the Music Program at the Kentucky School for the Deaf Cristina Soares da Silva, M.A. Chairperson: Dr. Wesley Roberts The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the history and current methods of music education to elementary-level students at the Kentucky School for the Deaf in Danville, Kentucky. The […]

Songs and Music of World War II

Jean Oostens Songs of the Phony War1 Most historians place the beginning of World War II (WWII) at the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939. For the other nations soon to be involved, France and Great Britain (who would become the Allied), a pause of several months followed their Declaration of War on […]

Singing Globally

Expanding Congregational Music Melissa Askew When investigating the music currently sung in Protestant churches in the United States, one is likely to find two different styles in common use.1 One would be traditional with a focus on older hymns, and the second, a newer, contemporary approach that focuses primarily on recently composed praise and worship […]

Religious Freedom and Tolerance

Suzan Johnson Cook Commencement Address Campbellsville University May 5, 2012 What an honor to be here with you today. President Carter, thank you for inviting me to share this moment with all of you. You’ve worked hard and sacrificed much to come to this moment of graduation. Congratulations to each and every one of you!1 […]

Are Christian-Affiliated Universities Equipping Business Students from a Biblical Perspective?

Richard E. Corum Introduction The mission statement of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) states among its goals to “advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and to help our institutions transform lives by faithfully relating scholarship and service to biblical truth”.1 Although varied from one Christian-affiliated university to the next, the mission […]

My View of the Next “Greatest Generation”

(as seen on November 12, 2008) Judith Collins McCormick As a forty-two-year old female professor of literature, I find that my perspective on war has usually “[mixed] memory with desire,” as T.S. Eliot famously said. The memory part has come from the stories of others – my father, too young for World War II and […]


Judith Collins McCormick The baby monitor inches from my hand, I sit at my desk sorting pictures of your first six months and listen to your loud, then softer, then finally relinquished objections to my insistence that you take your morning nap now. Your smiles and expressions of wonder at various toys and people look […]

The Prodigal Printer Henry Hills

The Baptist Publisher of the King James Bible Larry Kreitzer Lecture, 400th Anniversary Celebration of the King James Bible Campbellsville University September 22, 2011 The King James Bible (KJB), printed by Robert Barker, the King’s printer, first went on sale to the public on 2 May 1611. Its importance as a piece of English literature […]