Volume 9 2016-2019

The Harmonic Application of Impressionism into Selected Works by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Master’s Thesis Abstract Marlon dos Santos Castro, M.A. Campbellsville University Chairperson: Dr. Wesley Roberts   The purpose of this study has been to create a reference source regarding the harmonic influence of French Impressionism into selected compositions by the Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim (1927-1994). Works studied in this thesis are Boto, Samba do Avião, […]

The Grammar Headache

The “Grammar Headache”:  The Vexing Problem of Instruction Susan Wright   Abstract In the 1990s, college grammar instruction was largely discarded for holistic, content-based instruction.  However, students typically enter college with poor grammatical skills.  Scholarship has encouraged a return to grammar instruction and has highlighted earlier studies that proved methods such as sentence combining effective […]

A Whole New World

A Whole New World: A College-Driven Psychological Transformation Julianna M. Koski   Being the product of conditioning and being free to change do not war with each other. Both are true. They coexist…We must affirm freedom and responsibility without denying that we are the product of circumstance, and we must affirm that we are the […]

Michael Muldoon: Stephen F. Austin’s Priest

Michael Muldoon: Stephen F. Austin’s Priest Joe Early, Jr., PhD In 1821, Stephen F. Austin received permission from the Mexican government to settle three hundred American families in southeast Texas in an area that became known as “Austin’s Colony.” This permission, however, came with many stipulations. As Catholicism was the established religion of Mexico, one […]