Volume 9 2016-2019

The Poetry and Hymnody of George Herbert

James Bos Within the religious life and musical expression of Anglican Christians leading up to the English Civil War, George Herbert (1593-1633) stands out as a remarkable example of faith […]

The Grammar Headache

The “Grammar Headache”:  The Vexing Problem of Instruction Susan Wright   Abstract In the 1990s, college grammar instruction was largely discarded for holistic, content-based instruction.  However, students typically enter college […]

A Whole New World

A Whole New World: A College-Driven Psychological Transformation Julianna M. Koski   Being the product of conditioning and being free to change do not war with each other. Both are […]

Michael Muldoon: Stephen F. Austin’s Priest

Michael Muldoon: Stephen F. Austin’s Priest Joe Early, Jr., PhD In 1821, Stephen F. Austin received permission from the Mexican government to settle three hundred American families in southeast Texas […]

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