Volume 7 2012-2014

Published Works by Faculty and Staff

During the past two years, members of Campbellsville University’s faculty have authored and co-authored many published books, articles, stories, and reviews. A listing of these publications follows. John R. Burch Books DeSpain, Joseph Y., John Russell Burch, Jr., and Timothy Q. Hooper. Green County, Kentucky: Images of America. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2013. Encyclopedia Articles […]

An Examination of Brazilian Folk Music Elements and their Transference to Classical Suites for Piano

Abstract Danielle Batista Silva de Souza, M.A. Campbellsville University Chairperson: Dr. Wesley Roberts This thesis investigates the transference of Brazilian folk music elements into two suites for solo piano by Marlos Nobre and Villa-Lobos. A brief historical survey into nationalistic musical folklore is given and its influence upon the compositional language used in Nobre’s IV […]

A Different Sun, by Elaine Neil Orr

New York: Berkley Books (Penguin), 2013. A Review, by Robert L. Doty This remarkable novel by a graduate of Campbellsville College is a distillation of mission history, and antebellum social life in Georgia. It delves into questions of slavery, mental illness, Yoruba (Nigerian) culture and religion, and the maturation of the human spirit in the […]

On Prayer

David Harrity After Hebrews 12:18-29 Who will walk away holding the pieces of my life? These petitions simple forms of desire or disease. Will this ever grow to something I can touch? A darkness. A trumpet. A tempest. A fire. Ingredients to make an easier belief? No, simply moving pieces of our lives. And what […]

Doll Parts

An arm in the darkened kitchen corner, a leg in the yard, under the old oak tree. My plastic-molded, smiling face grinning stupidly under the bed. Dust bunnies collect in my blonde hair; doggy chew marks puncture my sea-blue eyes. How can tears streak my cheeks? The cold draft from the floor vent makes my […]

In Your Prison

David Harrity Ask for your father’s life and it will be given to you. But treacheries and dreams may be your only inheritance: proud shocks of wheat bowed down, dancing stars— a ladder of smoke. Which will you write down? Learn to scatter wolves, the thimbleful of evil in your brothers. Believe that what seems […]


David Harrity Try to remember what he taught you: to find North in stars, to drive a nail to wood, to clench a fist to stone, to follow through against the iron of a cheekbone. You may have been a boy, but you remember. That ragged town of coal; a life lived in whistle trills. […]

To Fear, Fear

Susan A. Wright The fog curled around the townhouse, seeping in through the window cracks. Jackson rolled over in bed, cursing the thinness of his blankets. The coldness of the mornings always burrowed into his cocoon of sheets, awaking him hours too early and souring his mood. Each day announced itself with a monotonous grayness […]

Human Trafficking and Teacher Awareness: Equiping Teachers with Knowledge and Resources to Combat Human Trafficking

By Regan Lookadoo[1] Human Trafficking: A Modern Form of Slavery Human trafficking is a criminal activity that is increasing rapidly throughout the world (Polaris Project, 2014a), and it is estimated to produce yearly profits of $15.5 billion in developed countries alone (International Labor Office Geneva, 2005). Human trafficking is a global problem that is present […]