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Educational Ministries

Campbellsville University’s Bachelor of Science (or B.S.) in Educational Ministries prepares men and women for a career in biblical education.

Our rigorous curriculum nurtures faith through ministry, psychology, and church recreation, readying graduates for an educational role in a local congregation. With the educational ministries degree, our goal is to train future teachers and missionaries in Christ. Graduates may become youth pastors, college ministers, counselors, and social workers.

Courses Offered at:
  • All Locations
  • Campbellsville

Educational Ministries Degrees

To equip the student to nurture faith in a local setting, Campbellsville’s Educational Ministries Major requires:

  • 12 hours of biblical language study (B.A. only), including New Testament Greek, Old Testament Hebrew, or an Approved Modern Language.
  • 18-hour Christian Studies Core must also be completed. This six-course area includes Christian Theology, Church History, Spiritual Formation, Art of Reading the Bible, a Christian Studies internship, and an upper-level Old or New Testament course.
  • 21 hours of upper-level prerequisites must be selected from four modules, with courses spanning educational ministries, educational ministries electives, psychology, and church recreation electives.

Campbellsville also offers two further options in Educational Ministries:  Educational Ministries Area (57 hrs), which includes the 18-hour CHS core, 21 hours of Educational Ministries courses, 9 hours of related studies in Psychology, and 12 hours additional Christian Studies courses; Educational Ministries Minor (27 hrs), which includes the 18-hour Christian Studies Core and 9 hours of upper-division Educational Ministries coursework.  For the student who chooses the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, 12 hours of Biblical language study are required.

Careers in Educational Ministries

  • Pastor/Minister
  • Director of Christian Education
  • Director of Family Ministries
  • Ministries Director
  • Educational Programs Director
  • Program Coordinator
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Youth Pastor
  • Children's Ministry Director
  • Christian School Principal
  • Missions Executive
  • College Educator
School of Theology

School of Theology

The Mission of the School of Theology is to Produce World Changers for Christ. We carry out this task with a wholehearted response of gratitude, worship, and stewardship to God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

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