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Campus Ministry Student Council

Campus Ministry Student Council

The Campus Ministry council is a volunteer student leadership team designed to provide student leaders a space to learn, lead and love their campus through service. Thier goal is to provide programming that emphasizes spiritual formation and growth on campus.

The Campus Ministry council is chosen each year during the Spring semester and consist of a variety of leadership positions for students to grow and exercise their gifts on campus.

Campus Community Team:

Team Leader: Callie Coulson

On-Campus Missions: Kelsey Overall & Kaitlyn Whitworth

Prayer Coordinator: Mary Jane Wilkerson

Event Coordinator: Lacey Kendall


Discipleship Team:

Team Leader: Samuel Bennett

Men’s Dorm Discipleship: Trevor Hansen

Women’s Dorm Discipleship: Mercy Enemuo

Freshmen Focus: Shawn Jones


Worship Team:

Team Leader: Brayli Steberl

Vine Coordinator: Katelyn Edwards

Welcome Facilitator: Logan Bargo

Creative Director: Gentry Phillips

Graduate Assistant: Katelyn Miller

For information about BCM contact the Campus Minister at tecreason@campbellsville.edu