Student Employment

Work-Study and Work-Ship Jobs

To use our Online Financial Aid System, you must have an established record at Campbellsville. If you have been accepted to a particular university program, you can use the system here.

Federal Work-Study Job Descriptions

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Work-Ship Job Descriptions

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Student Work Program

For students participating in Work Study or the Work Ship Program, please bring completed forms to the Office of Financial Aid (Located in Administration Building) on August 24th through September 4th between 1:00-4:00. Click here for a tutorial on how to complete Work Study employee paperwork. For questions contact Sharon Bolt, sgbolt@campbellsville .edu or call 270-789-5208.

Authorization Agreement Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)

20-22 Form I-9 Acceptable Documents

Form I-9

Form K-4 2020

Form W-4 2020