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Human Performance

The mission of the Division of Human Performance is to develop students in a Christian atmosphere in the disciplines in Health & Physical Education With or Without Teaching, Sport Leadership and Sport Medicine. The course work required in each of these disciplines will professionally prepare students in their respective fields to be life long learners and servant leaders.

Programs Offered



Career Opportunities

  • Athletic Coaching
  • Athletic & Sport Facility Management
  • Church & Community Recreation
  • Corporate Fitness & Wellness
  • Health & Physical Education P-12 Teaching
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sport Broadcasting
  • Sport Marketing & Promotion
  • Sport Information
  • Sport Fitness Trainer
  • Sport Tourism
  • Wellness Coach

HP 391 Adapted Physical Education class coordinated and led a Disabilities Awareness Day. They created various stations to simulate specific disabilities and the Health & PE Sport Skills class participated in the activities to develop a better understanding of what students with disabilities experience in our classes every day.

  The Health and PE classes hosted the 2nd Annual Field Day for KCA at Finley Stadium

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KAHPERD Convention

Human Performance

The KAHPERD convention is the state conference for Health & Physical Education teachers. This conference provided the students with the learning opportunity to hear from and converse with key leaders in our field at the state level. The students listened to and engaged in discussion about key topics such as changes to the state health standards, improving assessment methods, increasing movement in classes, and improving our inclusion methods among other topics.

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We took seven students to learn from the conference, but Ryan Grattan and Cruise Coulter took it a step further by actually presenting at the conference. They worked hand in hand in preparation with Mrs. Lauren Willis and Mrs. Karen Baum for weeks prior to the conference. They did an excellent job presenting the outdoor adventure activity or Orienteering. This is a topic that really promotes a lot of movement and also goes across the subject areas into math and social studies because of their use of navigating a map and correctly using a compass. Everyone at the conference was really impressed with their professionalism, knowledge on the subject, and the innovative nature of the topic.

Tennessee Titans Learning Lab

Human Performance 7

The purpose of this learning activity was to provide students in the sport management major with hands-on experiences by meeting executives who are currently working for the Tennessee Titans and visiting critical spots in the stadium (Nissan Stadium). Titan’s employees from many different departments led discussions, explain their job responsibilities, and gave practical information on how their careers began.

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