English Department Faculty

The English Department: Dr. Matthew Oliver, Professor Dale Furkin, Dr. Sarah Stafford Sims, Professor David Harrity,
Dr. Mary Jane Chaffee, Dr. Judith Collins, Professor Justy Engle, Dr. Susan Wright, Professor Nathan Gower


Dr. Sarah Stafford Sims, Chair, Division of Humanities
B.A., Campbellsville College
M.A., Eastern Kentucky University
Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Areas of specialty: 19th century British literature, 19th Century American literature, world literature



Dr. Mary Jane Chaffee
B.A., Vassar College
M.A., University of Birmingham, England
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Areas of specialty: Shakespeare, 17th and 18th century
British literature, British novel, drama, rhetoric



Dr. Judith Collins
B.A., Transylvania University
M.A., Florida Atlantic University
Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Areas of specialty: 20th century American literature, First World
War literature, popular culture, modern poetry



Professor Justy Engle
B.A., University of Louisville
M.A., University of Louisville
Ph.D. in progress, University of Louisville
Areas of specialty: Medieval cultural studies, women’s literature



Professor Dale Furkin
B.A., Campbellsville College
M.A., Western Kentucky University
Rank I, Western Kentucky University
Areas of specialty: English grammar, rhetoric and composition



Professor Nathan Gower
B.A., Campbellsville University
M.F.A., Spalding University
Ph.D. in progress, University of Louisville
Areas of specialty: Creative writing (fiction and screenwriting), 
contemporary American literature, film as literature



Dr. Matthew Oliver
B.A., Evangel University
M.A., Missouri State University
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison
Areas of specialty: 20th century British literature, post-colonialism



Dr. Susan Wright
B.A., Campbellsville University
M.A., University of Louisville
Ph.D., University of Louisville
Areas of specialty: Rhetoric and composition, creative writing,
contemporary popular culture


Professor David Harrity, Louisville Education Center
B.A., Bellarmine University
M.F.A., Spalding University
Areas of specialty: Composition, Literary Studies, Creative Writing (poetry), Spiritual Formation and Creativity





Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Robert L. Doty

A.S., Henry Ford Community College
B.A., Georgetown College
B.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.A., University of Kentucky
Ph.D., University of Kentucky
further study, University of London


Dr. Shirley Meece

A.B., Berea College
M.A., University of Kentucky
Ph.D., University of Kentucky
post graduate study, Western Kentucky University


Ms. Clara L. Metzmeier

B.A., Western Kentucky University
M.A., Western Kentucky University
graduate study:
     University of Kentucky
     University of Louisville




Ms. Frances M. Roberts

B.A., Blue Mountain College
M.A., George Peabody College
graduate study, University of Georgia


In Memoriam


Dr. William R. Neal, Chair, Division of Humanities, 1991-2012

B.A., Arkansas College
M.A., University of Arkansas
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Graduate study, University of Louisville
Areas of specialty: American Renaissance, 20th Century American Literature,
Southern American Literature, Modern English Grammar


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