WLCU-TV - Cable Channel 22 and LIVE Streaming of Select CU Events!!

Update for Thursday, 5/22/2014... Due to storm damage, WLCU-TV and WLCU-FM are experiencing equipment failures. The stations and their online streaming are not in operation. We expect to return to programming soon. Please pardon this interruption in our service.

WLCU Television… More than just TV

  • New Year, New Ambitions

    Ok, so it's been two months since the calendar actually changed to 2014… but that doesn't mean that there is not still a new year full of excitement that lies ahead for everyone, especially here at WLCU-TV.  Since the beginning, this television station on the campus at Campbellsville University has strived to not only provide quality, faith-inspiring programming, but an educational element to prepare the next videographers, directors, reporters and technical supporters that will shape the f...

  • History of Broadcast at Campbellsville University

    In the summer of 1984, Campbellsville College began the process of establishing a campus television station. It was planned for use as a working classroom in its original home in Bethany House, located at that time where the president’s home is today. (Read More)

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