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Music - Worship Arts

Music – Worship Arts

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Music - Worship Arts

This program prepares and equips students to face the needs of today’s Christian Church. This is accomplished through the following emphases:

  • Understanding the role of music in the mission of the twenty-first-century Christian Church
  • Understanding the philosophies of music, worship, and ministry/worship leadership
  • Mastering techniques and methods for music ministry/worship leadership through a strong training
    in music and a foundation in biblical studies
  • Developing personal musicianship/performance skills
Courses Offered at:
  • All Locations
  • Campbellsville

Music – Worship Arts Degrees

Careers in Music - Worship Arts

  • Recording Artist
  • Choir Director
  • Music Teacher
  • Church Leader
  • Director of Music
  • Minister of Music
  • Director of Music and Worship Arts
  • Pastor
  • Youth Minister
  • Worship Leader
  • Music Therapist
School of Music

School of Music

The Campbellsville University School of Music provides the kind of education one would expect to find in a conservatory setting: highly qualified and dedicated faculty, frequent performance opportunities, rigorous academics, and professional training.

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