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P-5 Elementary Education

If you have a passion to make a difference in the lives of children, find your calling in as an elementary teacher. A P-5 elementary degree at Campbellsville University will help you change the lives of children.

A bachelor’s degree in P-5 elementary education provides coursework, blended with clinical experiences that prepare candidates to teach with confidence. Degree coursework emphasizes interdisciplinary content needed to teach all subjects at the elementary level. Also, pre-service teachers learn about the art and science of teaching, including classroom management, integration of technology, and skills necessary to work with diverse students. A bachelor’s degree in elementary education culminates in a full semester of student teaching where candidates practice their new skills and learning.

Program is now available online: Online B.S. in Elementary Education (P-5)
Dual Licensure now available: Online Learning & Behavioral Disorders and Elementary Education Dual Licensure
Dual Certification now available online: Online B.S. in Elementary Education (P-5) and Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) (Birth to 5th Grade)

Candidates can also strengthen cultural competencies by participating in optional global experiences with the School of Education. In global experiences, candidates visit and teach in local schools, and tour historical and cultural locations. Previous global experience destinations include Washington D.C., Belize, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden, and Finland.

In order to be admitted into the School of Education, candidates must have a 2.75 GPA and pass the PRAXIS CASE exam.

The P-5 elementary education degree requires 123 credit hours. Required courses include:

Foundation Courses:

ED 220 Introduction to Teaching
ED 300 Human Development and Learning Theory
ED 310 Instructional Technology
ED 325 Teaching Diverse Learners
ED 390 Assessment and Instructional Strategies


Pedagogy Block:

ED 331 Social Studies Methodology
ED 341 Math Methodology
ED 343 Science Methodology
ED 351 Reading Methodology
ED 351 Language Arts Methodology


Clinical Practice:

ED 414 Classroom Management
ED 450 Student Teaching


Interdisciplinary Coursework:


MTH 111 College Algebra
MTH 201 Math for Elementary Teachers I
MTH 202 Math for Elementary Teachers II



BIO 110 Biology
BIO 104 Biology Lab for Teachers
GEO 105 Introduction to Earth Science
GEO 106 Introduction to Earth Science Lab
CHE 100 Introduction to Chemistry
CHE 103 Introduction to Chemistry Lab
PHY 131 Conceptual Physics



ENG 361 Modern English Grammar
ED 371 Children’s Literature


Social Studies

GEG 315 World Geography
HST 110 US History to 1877
HST 120 US History since 1877
HST 231 World Civilization to 1650 OR HST 242 World Civilization since 1650
POL 110 American Government
ECO 110 Introduction to Economics
SOC 270 Diversity and Community Building

Courses Offered at:
  • Campbellsville
  • Harrodsburg
  • Louisville
  • Online
  • Somerset