Tiger Take-Off




Germaine Dunn

Artist Biography

Germaine Dunn is from Harrodsburg, Kentucky and completed a BFA in Art and Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

His artwork is inspired by his struggles during his journey in addiction recovery, and his relationship with Christ. He primarily works in mediums of graphic design as well as tradtional materials including acrylic, ink & ink pen, printmaking and clay.




Artist Statement

To express ourselves is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but for an artist it means the world. My art will always express who I am as a person.

I believe that it is my love of art as a child that drives me but my struggles in life that gives my work its substance. I moved to Campbellsville, KY to better my life as a person that once struggled with addiction.

I’m an artist that uses symbolism often driven by my past experiences as seen in most of my personal work. I love to express and expand my creativity in media such as acrylics, watercolor, printmaking, sculpting and graphic design. My passion to create fresh and unique artwork drives me to continually express myself no matter the media process.