Certified ECE Teacher (FT), Taylor County Schools, Campbellsville, KY

Taylor County Intermediate School is hiring to fill a Full-Time Exceptional Child Education (ECE) Teacher position.

RESPONSIBLE TO:   Principal or other appropriate supervisors

QUALIFICATIONS:   As set by board and state certification authorities (Certification as an Exceptional Child Education Teacher in Area of Assignment)


To create an exceptional child education program and a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth; to establish effective rapport with pupils; to motivate pupils to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a good foundation for education, in accordance with each pupil’s ability; to establish good relationships with parents and with other staff members.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES include but not limited to:

  • Implements IEP of children enrolled in his/her class including written documentation of child’s progress and accomplishment of objectives
  • Review, analyze and evaluate the history, background and assessment of pupils in designing and educational program to meet individual education needs.
  • Individualize instructional processes and adapt program activities to enhance pupil educational opportunities.
  • Establish and maintain standards of student behavior utilizing behavior management strategies and techniques, including behavior modification, reinforcement, and other positive behavior shaping processes.
  • Review, analyze and evaluate pupil academic and social progress.
  • Counsel, confer, and communicate with parents, school and District personnel regarding pupil progress and interpretation of educational program.
  • Work cooperatively with the Individual Education Team in assessing pupil needs and learning deficiencies, and develop alternative solutions to pupil learning difficulties.
  • Assists in implementing committee functions and procedures
  • Assists in conducting necessary evaluations of referred child
  • Assists committee in determining eligibility of child for a program for exceptional children
  • Provides input in the development of the IEP: strengths, weaknesses, goals, objectives, and special education and related services needed
  • Select and requisition appropriate supplies, materials, books equipment and learning aids.
  • Implements Infinite Campus.
  • Supervise all pupils assigned and insure that proper discipline is maintained.
  • Provides input on child’s progress and in revision of the IEP at the annual review conference
  • Develops lesson plans and instructional materials and provides individualized and small group instruction and/or collaboration in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil


  • Be clean, neat and professionally dressed
  • Be consistently responsible-maintaining regular punctual attendance and timely completion of assigned duties, working assigned contract and extended days and using sick and personal leave appropriately.
  • Maintain professional interpersonal skills using tact, patience, courtesy and cooperative effective relationships with others consistently displaying self-control, honesty and credibility with parents, students, visitors and school personnel.
  • Act as a district liaison demonstrating positive behavior, interest and concern toward the programs, purposes, goals and efficient operation of the Taylor County Public Schools.
  • Follow the procurement guidelines and purchase order process.
  • Disseminate information/resources in areas of responsibilities.
  • Supervises and provides performance evaluations for assigned personnel.
  • Maintain proper care and safe use of district equipment and property.
  • Participate in required professional development and trainings as assigned or approved for professional job growth, to remain abreast of program requirements/responsibilities and to improve student educational services.
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of all school records.
  • Is familiar with and incorporates the use of technology in daily tasks.
  • Adheres with federal, state and district program guidelines, policies, procedures and laws.
  • Adheres to the State Professional Code of Ethics.
  • Performs such other tasks as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Board.

*For more information or TO APPLY visit: https://taylorcounty.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=3384

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