Family Development Specialist/Recruiter-Full Time: Bowling Green KY

Position Title:  Family Development Specialist/Recruiter

Full-time or Part-time:  Full-time

Company Name:  SAFY of America

Location of job:  Bowling Green

Company Address:  1143 Fairway Street, Bowling Green, KY 42103


Position Description:

This position is responsible for the recruitment and licensing of foster parents as well as adoptive parents where applicable, as defined by annual goals for our Bowling Green service area.

This is accomplished by performing the following duties:

* Works individually and/or in conjunction with Treatment Director and other staff to develop and implement an on-going recruitment campaign to attract people interested in becoming foster parents using a variety of media and presentation formats.
* Pursue all inquiries of interest from parties interested in becoming foster parents using mail and direct contact.
* Perform home study of prospective foster parent(s) and their home environment according to SAFY policy and specific requirements of the state.
* Organize and schedule the foster/adoptive parent(s) Pre-service training program.
* Organization of Pre-service training includes arranging presenters, locating/scheduling meeting sites, notifying attendees.
* Conducts the orientation training sessions and assures that the content and required number of training hours is provided according to SAFY policy and state regulations.
* Complete all elements of the licensing process for each parent/home that successfully completes all phases of training within 90 days.
* Be in compliance with monthly and quarterly requirements as defined annually by QI plan.
* Complete process for the recertification of assigned foster homes on a timely basis as specified in the applicable licensing regulations.

Education Requirements:

* Bachelor’s degree in the field of social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, or child & family studies is required

Experience Requirements:

* Three years experience in social work is preferred

Skill Set:

* Strong organizational skills to prioritize workload
* Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
* Demonstrated skill of writing home studies, etc.
* Operate a computer in regards to Microsoft Office and agency database system
* Effective ability to present training curriculum
* Effective problem solving & creative resolution skills

Contact Name:  Jacob Manzanares

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