Mail Services Clerk-Part Time: Louisville KY

Position Title:  Mail Services Clerk

Full-time or Part-time:  Part-time

Company Name:  NO KID HUNGRY

Location of job:  Louisville

Company Address:  9854 Collier Ln, Louisville, KY 40291

Contact Email Address:

Position Description:

*Responsible for moving mail to provided list of homes or facilities *Mailing out letters of invitation from us to other Non Governmental Organizations, foundations or facilities in your city *Contacting list of provided Non Governmental Organizations, foundations or businesses in your city so as to create community awareness efforts *Receiving items such as clothing, Med, Toys etc through the mail *Send out the items through the mail to the list of disability homes, donor groups etc that would be provided to you in your city.

Contact Name:  Brian Sagna

Website Address for Applying Online:

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