Paralegal, Legal Aid Society, Louisville Kentucky

Position Title: Paralegal
Company Name: Legal Aid Society
Location of Job: Louisville, Kentucky

Company Address:  416 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Suite 300, Louisville, KY 40202
Contact information:

Job Descriptions:
J1. Telephone intake of potential clients, identifying their legal problems and determining their eligibility for service.
2. Assemble client information in documents or pleadings appropriate to the client’s case.
3. Negotiate on behalf of eligible clients with landlords, government agencies, utility companies and others, as necessary.
4. Represent clients at administrative hearings, including assembling evidence, interviewing and preparing witnesses, securing expert testimony, presenting evidence at the hearing, cross-examining opposing witnesses, and drafting memoranda of law. Conduct appeals as necessary.
5. Assist LAS attorneys in preparation of cases as needed and as directed.
6. Design and implement community legal education activities, including workshops, pamphlets, and presentations to groups in the community.
7. Improve skills and knowledge of legal issues in his/her specialty area(s) by regularly reading legal material and participating in training events.
8. Become familiar with and develop working relationship with social service agencies and governmental agencies which offer services to LAS-eligible clients.
9. Maintain accurate and complete files. Prepare such reports and complete such forms as are required by program policies.
10. Participate in program activities such as case reviews, unit meetings, and staff meetings. Participate in statewide activities, including coalitions and statewide training events.
11. Perform other duties commensurate with the Paralegal duties outlined above at the direction of his/her immediate supervisor.


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