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May 5th through July 31st, 2017

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CLOSING DATE/TIME: 07/31/17 11:59 PM
SALARY: $15.61 – $15.61 Hourly
Job Type: Full-time Classified
Location: Centennial Il, Human Resources Department, 805
Central Avenue, Suite 200, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Department: Police
HR Contact: Erica Burks, erica.burks@cincinnati-oh.gov

Under direct supervision of a Police Sergeant or higher rank, this employee is assigned to the Police Academy for training to become a Police Officer. Initial training at the Academy is for a minimum of 28 weeks. Upon successful completion of the Police Academy curriculum and graduation from the Police Academy, a Police Recruit will be promoted to Police Officer, Police Officers are assigned to a patrol unit for the purpose of protecting life and property, crime prevention, enforcing laws and ordinances, arresting violators, making forcible arrests if necessary, investigating accidents and complaints, securing evidence, and preserving the peace within an assigned beat (geographical unit). Performs related duties as required.

(Illustrative only. Any one position within this classification may not include all of the KSAs listed, nor do the listed examples include all of the KSAs which must be possessed.)

Skill and ability to:
Read, spell, and communicate orally and in writing.
Evaluate potentially volatile situations and to deal effectively with people. Follow orders and directives.


Federal, state and municipal laws and ordinances.
Police Department Procedures Manual, rules, regulations, orders, policies, and procedures.
The proper care and use of police equipment.

Geographic areas of the city.
Reporting procedures for the Police Division.
Interrogation and interview techniques. Procedures regarding the use of force.

Must be a high school graduate or equivalent (GED). College is preferred but not required.
Other Requirements
Must successfully complete physical ability tests at various phases of the process.
Must satisfactorily complete a background investigation which includes a polygraph examination Must satisfactorily complete a behavior assessment evaluation.

Applicants must be free from alcohol and drug dependency and possess emotional stability due to the sensitive and stressful nature of this position. Applicants must be free from felony convictions.
Must successfully complete the Cincinnati Police Academy training program.
Must be age 21 by the time of appointment to Police Officer.
Must successfully pass state certification as a police officer. Must have a valid driver’s license.
Must live in one of the following Counties at time of appointment: Ohio – Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont Kentucky – Kenton, Campbell, Boone Indiana – Dearborn, Franklin Must be willing to work irregular hours, weekends, and holidays.

Work requires exposure to potentially hazardous law enforcement and public safety activities, and conditions such as adverse weather and armed and dangerous persons.
Positions in the Police Recruit and Police Officer classification require physical elements such as:
physical fitness training, including heavy lifting, running, completing various drills, tactical maneuvers and weapons exercises.
Working Conditions:
Upon Academy graduation, employees may be assigned to work on a rotating or fixed shift basis, which will include nights, evenings, weekends, and/or holidays. Employees in this classification are subject to call to duty in emergencies, and may be required to work overtime with little or no notice. Officers will be assigned to a Police District at the discretion of the Police Department. Employees in this classification may be subjected to vibrations, fumes, odors, dusts, extreme temperatures, inadequate lighting, workspace restrictions, intense noises, infectious diseases, criminal suspects and jail inmates.
Examples of Work
(Illustrative only. Any one position within this classification may not include all of the tasks listed, nor do the listed examples include all of the tasks which might be performed.)

Conducts preliminary investigations as the first responder on the scene including interviewing affected persons, crime scene preservation and requesting medical assistance.
Enforces laws and ordinances and issues citations.
Makes decisions concerning appropriate use of force with regard to making arrests or defending oneself; uses firearm, baton, chemical irritant and/or other means of force appropriately.
Serves warrants and makes arrests.
Testifies in court.
Maintains records of investigations, criminal activities, conditions that warrant treatment or attention, and makes reports.
Creates a favorable public image of the Police Department through courteous treatment, neat appearance in all public contacts.
Attends community meetings; gives talks and demonstrations on police related topics of community interest.
Refers persons to the proper social agencies.
Controls traffic and spectators at the scene of an emergency or other events. Investigates public complaints.
Maintains vehicle and other assigned equipment.
Inspects buildings and commercial establishments to keep secure. Performs vehicle or foot patrol.
Probationary Period

Police Recruit Probationary Period: The length of the Police Academy is currently 28 weeks. Must be able to graduate to pass probation and become a Police Officer.
Police Officer Probationary Period. A one year probationary period starts the first day of becoming a Police Officer. Consists of Field Training with an Officer for a minimum of 13 weeks. Must be able to perform the full range of duties on a patrol unit as a Police Officer to pass probation.

Applications for City positions are considered public records under Ohio’s Public Records Act. As a public record, applications maintained by the City shall be made available to any person requesting to view them.
Reasonable accommodation for qualified people with disabilities. To help us achieve the City’s goal to recruit qualified persons with disabilities, please self-identify at the time of application and at employment interviews. Help the City help you!
All offers extended to candidates are contingent upon successful completion of a physical evaluation/drug screen and background check. An applicant with a positive drug test result may not be considered for any position with the City of Cincinnati for a period of one year. Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position. An individual assessment of an applicant’s prior criminal convictions will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration.
Our on-line application system is provided by NeoGov. If you have problems while applying online, please contact the Help Desk between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific Time Monday – Friday at 1-855-524-5627.

APPLICATIONS MAY BE FILED ONLINE AT: Position #17-99376 http://aeencv.qovernmenljobs.com/cincinnatißefault.cfm POLICE RECRUIT (OPEN)
805 Central Avenue Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45202


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