Production (2nd Shift), Toyota Boshoku Kentucky, Lebanon, KY

Production Team Member (2nd Shift), Toyota Boshoku Kentucky, Lebanon, KY

Job description:

2nd Shift: 4:30 pm- 1 am

Purpose: The goal of a production member is to be multi-functional. Members in this position must have a fundamental understanding, knowledge, and skills to perform operations in the manufacturing areas. Production members should be able to move from one manufacturing area to the next with minimal training.

Function Task Knowledge:

Fabrication Understanding of how products are manufactured which includes understanding and application of processes, equipment, techniques, procedures, etc. Demonstration of safety & environmental practices will be observed.

  • *Operation of all equipment and tools.
  • *Work Point Sheets
  • *Basic TPS principles
  • *Safe practices
  • *Environmental practices
  • Quantity Demonstrate product can be made in an efficient in accordance to required


  • Quality Ability to make the product as per quality standards. Also, the operator should be able to identify quality defects. *Quality and product standards
  • *Work point sheets
  • Follow Instructions Ability to follow instructions as given by supervision.
  • Cooperation Show an attitude and willingness to work in team environment and demonstration willingness to take directives as required.
  • Physical Demand Ability to meet the physical demand as per the requirements of the position.
  • This will include but not limited to repetitive use of the upper extremities, standing, lifting, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Maintain 5-S standards. Perform all other duties as required by the management group.
  • Safety/Environment Perform job duties within a manner that meets standards required by local, state, and federal regulations Ability to perform duties within regulation standards

Job requirements:

* Applicants preferred to have at least a High school diploma/GED or equivalent

Job salary and benefits:

* 40 hours per week

* Normal work shifts: Second (evening) Hours: 4:30 PM-1AM

* The hours for this role are Full-time, Regular

* Leave benefits include Paid holidays and Medical

* Retirement benefits include 401K

* Insurance benefits include Dental, Health and Vision

Job recruitment information:

Apply in person at the KY Career Center in Lebanon, 516 Workshop Lane, Lebanon,

KY 40033 (behind Marion County Health Dept.)

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