Registered Nurse, Advanced Practitioner, Carl M. Brashear, Part Time, Radcliff

Position Title: Registered Nurse, Advanced Practitioner
Company Name: Carl M. Brashear
Location of Job: Radcliff
Full time or part time: Part-Time
Company Address: 100 Veterans Drive, Radcliff KY 40160
Contact information:
Website to apply:   HTTPS://PERSONNEL.KY.GOV
Job description: Performs independent nursing practices based upon theoretical frameworks relevant to professional nursing and the nursing process, to include: psychotherapy of individuals, groups or families; diagnostic tests, prescribing of medication and treatments; educational activities; administrative activities; research activities; program development and implementation. Prescribes medications, treatments, medical devices, and issues prescriptions for non-scheduled legend drugs as defined by Kentucky Revised Statutes.


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