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Microeconomic Issues

Overview of Poverty Around the World and Analytical Discussion of Poverty in the United States Sunny Onyiri Abstract This paper examines the meaning of poverty, poverty in different parts of […]

Three Poems on Nigeria

Robert L. Doty Ekiti Sun Underfoot, the carcass of the scorpion, Overhead, the bougainvillea and the cashew tree Below, the hill and quiet town Resting in the midday Ekiti sun, […]

Taxonomies for Church-Related Schools

How Christian Colleges and Their Denominations Relate Michael Shane Garrison One might ask a series of questions as to the need for an alternative to the secular academy. Is there […]

Social Networks

Is It My Information, Our Information, or Theirs? John R. Burch, Jr. In prior incarnations of the World Wide Web, most people had to either learn a significant amount of […]


Readers of this issue of The Campbellsville Review will have noticed by now a strong focus on current issues in academia and the world today. In spite of our myriad […]

Perspective and Passion Impact the World

Darlene Eastridge Commencement Address Campbellsville University May 7, 2010 Thank you, Dr. Carter for a flattering introduction, and thank all of you for taking a night out of your busy […]


An Emerging Concern for Aquatic Organisms Ogochukwu Onyiri Abstract Pharmaceuticals are used in the protection of public health and the wellbeing of farm and domestic animals. Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care […]


John R. Burch, Jr. is Dean of Distance Learning and Library Services and has been a member of the faculty since 2000. The author of number articles, reviews, and several […]