About Us

Campbellsville University Church Outreach strives to give college students practical ministry experience through serving in churches every week. Our desire is that through this, Christ will change lives, and that we will remain connected to churches across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Church Outreach is:

CHRIST CENTEREDJohn 3:16.  Campbellsville University exists to this day to prepare Christian servant leaders for our changing world.

CHURCH CONNECTEDMatthew 16:18.  Campbellsville University’s Church Outreach exists to connect to local churches, commissioning young men and women into the ministry.

CHANGING LIVES2 Corinthians 5:17. Campbellsville University’s Church Outreach seeks to change lives through the saving power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a Great Commission University, we seek to bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ to the forefront for all students, offering multiple opportunities to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, inviting all students to become believers and Christian servant leaders.

Benefits for Students

Group of people

✔ Practical ministry experience
✔ Leadership laboratory for students
✔ Intergenerational ministry
✔ Internship opportunities
✔ Furthers the CU mission and the Great Commission

“I feel the steady growth of the university comes from the fact that we never stray from our commitment to serve and develop servant leaders for Jesus Christ, our spiritual foundation. Campbellsville University is here because of prayers and support of the local churches. With Church Outreach, we continuously reconnect and recommit to the local church with eight teams going out from this university every week, in new energy.”

~ Dr. Michael V. Carter, Former President, Campbellsville University

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