Introductory Studies

The Mission of Introductory Studies is to provide adequate academic advising to students taking developmental coursework and to facilitate services to accommodate their learning needs.


  • Coursework designed as transition courses from high school to the university

– Mathematics (MTH099 & MTH100)
– English (ENG090 & ENG110)
– Reading (GS110)

  • Success Skills (GS101)
  • Promote academic success through direct and passive outreach initiatives
Contribute to maintaining an early alert system to assist with University retention efforts
  • Partner with faculty and staff to identify and support at-risk students
  • Meet individually with students to establish an academic success plan for their program
  • Serve as a resource for students, faculty, and staff
  • Stay abreast of trends in the area of academic success
  • Refer students to appropriate resources on campus
  • Create a more positive, successful environment for learning as well as a solid foundation to continue college coursework
  • Summer Education Experience (S.E.E.)

Helpful Tips: 

  • Go to class
  • Purchase/rent and read your textbook(s)
  • Get involved on campus
Find a church home
  • Have an international experience within your time at CU