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Business Administration Area – Human Resource Management Emphasis

Course Offerings

Business Administration Area – Human Resource Management Emphasis: 66 Hours

Core Requirements: 33 Hours

Core Requirements

Human Resource Management Emphasis: 33 Hours

Take each course on this list:
BA 312 Organizational Behavior 3
BA 314 Human Resource Management 3
BA 316 Recruiting, Retention, and Development 3
BA 317 Compensation and Performance Management 3
BA 318 Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management 3
BA 384 Business Ethics 3
BA 403 Labor Relations 3
BA 482 Conflict Resolution 3
BA 495 HRM Seminar 3
BIT 340 Business Communication 3

Choose one course from this list: 3 Hours
BA 313 Small Business Management 3
BA 399 International Business 3
ECO 342 Labor Problems 3

General Education Requirements
These courses must be taken as part of the General Education component and not as part of this area.
ECO 221 Macroeconomics 3
MTH 111 College Algebra 3
CIS 100 Computer Concepts and Applications 3

Regarding the CPA Examination – Most states require additional education beyond the traditional bachelor’s degree to fulfill the requirement for taking the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. At Campbellsville University, this additional requirement can be obtained by completing the Master of Business Administration program (see Graduate school bulletin-catalog for more information).

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