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Christian Missions Minor

Course Offerings

Christian Missions Minor for the Bachelor of Science Degree: 27 Hours

Christian Studies Core Requirements: 18 Hours

While each program of study has its own focus, each student will build a foundation of Biblical, theological, historical, pastoral, educational, and practical aspects for Christian ministry. Students pursuing a theology area, major, or minor should take the General Education Prerequisites.

CHS 211 Art of Reading the Bible 3
CHS 230 Spiritual Formation 3
CHS 365 Christian Studies Internship 3
CHS 432 Christian Theology 3
CHS 471 Church History 3
CHS Upper Level Old or New Testament Course 3

Christian Missions Minor Requirements: 9 Hours

CHS 276 History of Christian Missions 3
CHS 376 Introduction to Missiology 3
CHS 378 Missions Methods and Strategies 3

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