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Degrees – Early Childhood Education

Degrees – Early Childhood Education Degrees

Early Childhood Education – No Teacher Certification

The first early childhood education B.S. degree program is a Non-Certified degree for classified positions and other careers in early childhood that do not require teacher certification.

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Early Childhood Education With Teacher Certification

The second is interdisciplinary early childhood education with teacher certification.

The IECE Program is designed to prepare the teacher candidates to teach in inclusive preschool and kindergarten classrooms in a Kentucky public school and to work as a Developmental Interventionist, a certified position serving families and their children birth to age three who are at risk for disabilities. Course content emphasizes child growth and development, education and service requirements for children with exceptionalities, assessment, curriculum, instruction, the learning environment, collaboration, and professionalism. Experiences focus on developing foundational skills, knowledge, and dispositions through meaningful interaction with children and families in a variety of environments including culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms, children’s homes, hospitals, or any other natural environment.

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Associate in Early Childhood Education

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