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B.S. in Early Childhood Education No Teacher Certification

Application for admission to the Teacher Education Program is made while the student is enrolled in IEC 301 The IECE Profession. IEC 480 can’t be taken without admission to the IECE program. Application for student teaching is made in IEC 480. Kentucky Childcare Commonwealth Credential receives credit for ECE 111 and the Child Development Associate (CDA) receives credit for ECE 111 and ECE 140. A copy of credentials must be provided to Advisor and the Office of Student Records. ECE 111, ECE 140, IEC 475, and BA 313 are required for a Kentucky Director’s Credential that is awarded by the Governor’s Office for Early Childhood, Cabinet for Families and Children.

Course Offerings

Early Childhood Education (ECE) No Teacher Certification: 78 Hours

Foundation Courses: 15 Hours

Take each course on this list
ED 199 Entry to Teacher Preparation 0
ECE 111 Educational Foundations of Early Childhood 3
ECE 130 Child Development I 3
ECE 140 Guidance of the Young Child 3
ECE 230 Child Development II 3
IEC 301 The IECE Profession 3

Pedagogy Courses: 48 Hours

Take each course on this list
ECE 216 Introduction to Special Education in ECE 3
ECE 270 Observation and Assessment 3
ECE 280 Approaches to Curriculum and Methods 3
ECE 320 Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Young Children 3
ED 371 P-5 Children’s Literature 3
IEC 360 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Early Childhood Education 3
IEC 381 Language and Literacy Methodology 3
IEC 382 Arts and Humanities Methodology 3
IEC 383 Math, Science, and Social Studies Methodology 3
IEC 384 Interactive and Assistive Technologies 3
IEC 385 Infant and Toddler Methodology 3
IEC 440 Positive Behavior Supports 3
IEC 460 Working with Families in Early Intervention 3
IEC 470 Advanced Assessment in IECE 3
IEC 475 Organization and Administration of Early Childhood Programs 3

Choose one course from this list: 3
IEC 400 Current Issues in the Early Childhood Profession 3
IEC 410 Special Investigations in Early Childhood Education 3

Restricted Electives: Advisor approved electives totaling twelve hours: 12 Hours

Clinical Practice: 3 Hours

ECE 411 Teaching Practicum in Early Childhood Education 3

Courses Offered at:
  • All Locations
  • Elizabethtown
  • Harrodsburg
  • Louisville
  • Owensboro
  • Somerset