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Student Testimonials

Sarah Sullivan


My name is Sarah Sullivan and I have always had a passion for History. As an elementary student I especially enjoyed studying Ancient Greece, Rome, and Britain. Though my preferences for studying have changed, History has always been a large part of my life. Thus, I chose to pursue a Bachelor’s in History at Campbellsville University. Through Campbellsville University Collegiate Historians, now Phi Alpha Theta, I got the opportunity to travel with fellow Historians to see historically significant places.

One such trip was to Washington D.C. for the inauguration of President Barack Obama in January 2008. While on this trip we visited the Washington Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the Capital Building, stood outside the Library of Congress, viewed the World War II Memorial, and toured some of the Smithsonian Museum Complex among many other things. We have also taken trips to Savannah, Charleston, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace, and many others.

Due to the very friendly atmosphere at Campbellsville University and within Phi Alpha Theta, I have chosen to stay at Campbellsville University and pursue a Master’s of Arts in Social Science, specifically in History. I will be the Graduate Assistant this coming semester as well and will be greatly involved in Phi Alpha Theta at Campbellsville University. I hope to gain experience in the classroom that I can utilize in a professional and career setting in the future.

Zack Smith

Zack Smith

My name is Zach Smith, a Senior at CU. I currently hold the position of President of the Alpha Xi Sigma Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, a National Historical Honor Society. I chose Campbellsville University because of the Christian atmosphere that is present as soon as you step on campus. My first visit to Campbellsville University was on a Preview Day and from that day forward, I knew that was exactly where I needed to be. You can’t deny the pleasant feeling that accompanies you on this campus. I also chose CU because of the class sizes. I knew that I would not be as happy in a lecture hall of 200+ students where I could barely see the professor in the front of the room. I wanted the opportunity to get to know my professors and understand their passion for the subjects they teach and Campbellsville University definitely had that. Campbellsville University has definitely afforded me a desirable transition from a high school setting to an institution of higher education.

I enrolled at Campbellsville University as a Communications major, but from that first semester of my Freshman year, I felt God was calling me to another field, so I was able to change my major and begin pursuing Social Studies Education that next Spring. Now I’m a senior and will be student teaching in Spring 2013 and I do not regret my decision at all. I have been able to be inspired by wonderful history professors who have helped me in ways they will never know. For instance, Dr. Damon Eubank has inspired me to gain as much knowledge as possible. It is very evident that he loves history. His plethora of knowledge and passion about history alludes to hard work and dedication that has allowed him to reach his goals and that inspires me to do the same. Dr. Wendy Davis has been very instrumental in shaping me as a person and a lover of history and teaching. I can honestly say that she cares about all of her students and desires to make history fun and exciting not only for history majors, but for her general education students as well. It is the dynamics of those two professors that has shown me that Social Studies Education is the right decision for my life.

Our History Department along with the Phi Alpha Theta Chapter sponsors many historical field trips throughout the year. In Spring of 2012, we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia where we were able to see the rich southern history and culture that has been so delicately preserved, despite changing times. Our Phi Alpha Theta Chapter is dedicated to community service and the preservation of local history. We work closely with the Taylor County Historical Society and often hold fundraisers for their benefit.

I encourage anyone interested in History to pursue their calling at Campbellsville University. Our History Department offers a vast wealth of knowledge among professors who care about their profession as well as their students.

Morgan Bullock

morgan bullock

I became an officer of the History Club my sophomore year and helped plan many amazing trips and on-campus activities. One of my fondest was the trip to Washington D.C to witness the historic inauguration of President Obama four years ago. This trip was full of amazing stories that are still reminisced about to this day. They range from being interviewed by WLEX news, a few wacky chaperones, and of course the unforgettable 14 hour inaugural nightmare. One of the most memorable on campus activity was the get out and vote campaign with our Chuck Norris t-shirts and a surprisingly large turnout in the cafeteria to watch the Presidential Debates

For me History Club was an opportunity to work and hang out with people outside of my softball team. Allowed me to meet people I would have likely not have and develop friendships that continue to this day. It also gave me experience with planning, organizing and then executing trips and activities.

I actually majored in Social Studies which encompasses History, Poli Sci, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Geography. I chose Social Studies because I felt called to be an educator and felt that often Social Studies has less emphasis placed on it in the school system than any other subject. Also, the class high school students usually dislike the most is History and usually because they have had inadequate Social Studies teachers that are not capable of making history come alive. I wanted to change this. I believe that Social studies is more important than most understand. Social Studies helps you to analyze and think critically. It develops strong research and writing skills. It allows you to be empathetic and better thinkers as you learn about those that have come before us, the cultures that surround us and the mistakes that we never want to make again.

YOU should be a History major because the history professors at CU are second to none. They are dedicated to your success and make you fall in love with history because of their love for what they teach. They are great advisors and will adequately prepare you for life after college. You will become a better thinker and I can guarantee will not enjoy any class more than the ones they teach. The job opportunities for you as a history major are endless because everybody wants a better thinker!

Bailey Schrupp

Bailey Schrupp

Hometown: Radcliff, Ky
Graduation from CU: Spring 2011
Minor in History
Currently: 1L (Law Student) at University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law

I originally chose Campbellsville University after the advice of my high school political science teacher, but my reasoning became much more than that later on. I was terrified to move to a “big city” after I graduated high school. I was very close with my parents and what most people would label as a “homebody.” Knowing how important staying close to home was for me, seeing that Campbellsville was only 45 minutes from my home, & how I enjoyed small towns my teacher thought Campbellsville would be a perfect fit. As I started to make my college decision senior year, my mother passed away from cancer and at that time Campbellsville had been the only school my mother had known I had toured and was seriously considering. As it turned out two weeks after her death I got my acceptance letter to CU and I felt that it was a sign from her that CU was where she wanted me to be.

At CU I majored in Political Science and minored in History, however I ended up taking many more History courses than required for a minor. I majored in political science because I had always planned on attending law school and that was the “normal” major for pre-law students, however my interest in History grew even more at CU. I really enjoyed all my history classes, thanks to Dr. Davis (then Dr. Benningfield) and Dr. Eubank, but my favorites would have to be Women’s History and History of the Holocaust.

Although, Women’s History made me realize I wanted to go into law to help underprivileged women and children, the real benefit I gained from my minor in History was the leadership experience and networking. I joined the CU Collegiate Historians (Now Phi Alpha Theta) later than most, during my junior year. However, that did not limit my ability to take a leadership position within the group, which eventually lead me to help Dr. Davis my senior year in the necessary steps to establish a Historical National Honor Society (Phi Alpha Theta) at Campbellsville. Working with the Colligate Historians helped me to establish a better relationship with Dr. Davis and Dr. Eubank which was extremely valuable in terms of networking or life in general. Leadership within The Colligate Historians also helped me to travel to places and learn through “hands on experience” things that I otherwise would not have been able to. Some examples would include our trip to Boston; Cherokee, N.C.; and “Civil Rights Movement” Trip through various southern states.