Program Details

Course Length: 1 Year
Estimated Length: 1 Year
Credit Hours: 1,004
Cost Per Credit: $15,000 program total (includes books, fit fee, licensure test fee)

Limited Medical Radiography Overview

Limited Medical Radiography is a fully energized x-ray lab in the program facility for student simulations. Learn the technical elements of x-ray along with the patient care aspect.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Program Information

Michelle Eastham, Limited Medical Radiography Director

(270) 572-4024

Admissions Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma
  • Meet technical standards
  • Pass background check

Costs & Financial Aid

$15,000 total (includes books, kit fee, licensure test fee)


  • Limited Medical Radiographer
  • Podiatric Radiographer
  • Chiropractic Radiographer
  • Urgent Care Radiographer