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Certificate in Jazz Music

The Certificate in Jazz Music is a 19-hour program designed for undergraduate students. Emphasis is placed on jazz theory, history, arranging, and performance.

Course Offerings

Theory: 3 Hours

MUS 304 Jazz Theory and Improvisation 3

Music History and Literature: 2 Hours

MUS 305 Jazz History and Literature 2

Class Piano: 1

MUS 309 Jazz Piano Voicings 1

Jazz Electives: 3 Hours

Choose courses totaling at least three hours from this list:
MUS 306 Twentieth Century Popular Music Styles and Analysis 2
MUS 307 Contemporary Vocal & Instrumental Composing/Arranging Techniques 2
MUS 308 Computers and Music 1

Applied Jazz Music: 6 Hours

Jazz Ensembles (must be jazz-related ensembles): 4 Hours

Total Hours: 19 Hours

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