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The School of Music attempts to broaden the education of each student in the University by providing a wide range of experiences in music; by offering class instruction that seeks to develop an understanding of music as a communicative art, its place in life, and its value to the individual; and by offering specialized training in musical skills.

The School of Music encourages the development of students who wish to prepare for careers as professional performers, teachers, or church musicians by providing competency based courses which lay a technical and broad cultural foundation and which equip music students in their particular fields of interest and endeavor.

Courses Offered at:
  • All Locations
  • Campbellsville

Music Degrees

General Degree Requirements

  1. The program consists of successfully completing 32 semester hours of credit as specified in the applicant’s degree plan.
  2. No D grades and no more than 3 hours of C grades will count toward degree completion; no grade below B- will be allowed for applied study; the candidate must also have an overall 3.0 grade-point average for graduation.
  3. A maximum of 6 semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred from other accredited graduate institutions if those credits match the course requirements of the graduate program. Approval of transfer credits will result from an examination of the transcript (accompanied by appropriate documentation) by the Graduate Music Admissions Committee.
  4. A maximum of 6 hours may be taken by appointment.
  5. The graduate student will be required to present a recital of 40-60 minutes or compile a research paper of a minimum 35 pages.
  6. A final comprehensive examination is required.

Admission to Degree Candidacy

Admission to candidacy for the Masters degrees requires the student to complete the following:

  1. Fifteen semester hours of graduate-level course work.
  2. Achievement of a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all graduate-level courses taken at the University and those approved for transfer to be applied to fulfillment of degree requirements.
  3. Successful completion of all applicable entrance examinations.

Careers in Music

  • Performer and Writer
  • Composer
  • Music Editor
  • Conductor
  • Record Producer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Choir Director
  • Concert Promoter
  • Tour Manager
  • Concert Hall Manager
  • Music Journalist
  • Teacher
School of Music

School of Music

The Campbellsville University School of Music provides the kind of education one would expect to find in a conservatory setting: highly qualified and dedicated faculty, frequent performance opportunities, rigorous academics, and professional training.

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