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Graduate Entrance Examination Information

All entering graduate students are required to pass an entrance examination. The examination covers written music theory, music literature, and music history. The exam is designed to determine a student’s current knowledge. The exam is not intentionally difficult or tricky. Students with low scores on either section are required to complete remedial coursework.


Music History and Literature

  • Identification of historical periods
  • Listening examples – labeling period, performance medium & composer
  • General multiple-choice questions spanning all historical periods
  • Matching composer with compositions & styles

Culminating Projects

Master of Arts

  • Music – graduate recital or thesis
  • Musicology – thesis
  • Worship – graduate recital, thesis, or action-based research project

Master of Music

  • Conducting – graduate recital
  • Instrumental Performance – graduate recital
  • Piano Performance & Pedagogy – graduate recital, recital and pedagogy workshop, or lecture recital
  • Vocal Performance & Pedagogy – graduate recital
  • Music Education – thesis or action-based research project
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