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Jazz Music Minor

Students electing to minor jazz music will meet the piano proficiency requirements and will enroll for piano class or private piano study until the requirements are passed. Minors must also pass the Vocal/Conducting Proficiency. Concert attendance is also required during semesters of applied music study.


Course Offerings

Theory: 5 Hours

MUS 101 Theory I 3
MUS 145 Class Piano I or MUA 102 1
MUS 146 Class Piano II or MUA 102 1

Applied Music: 4 Hours

Ensembles: 3 Hours

Jazz Electives: 9 Hours

Choose courses totaling at least nine hours from this list:

MUS 102 Theory II 3
MUS 304 Jazz Theory and Improvisation 3
MUS 305 Jazz History & Lit
MUS 306 Twentieth Century Popular Music Styles and Analysis 2
MUS 307 Contemporary Vocal & Instrumental Composing/Arranging Techniques 2
MUS 308 Computers and Music 1
MUS 309 Jazz Piano Voicings 1

Total Hours: 21 Hours