Preparing Servant Leaders for Participation in a Diverse, Global Society

Preparing Servant Leaders for Participation in a Diverse, Global Society

Campbellsville University’s School of Education actively commits to the university’s Mission Statement, encouraging students to participate in servant leadership both domestically and in global settings. The goal is to foster intercultural competency and prepare globally literate educators in a supportive academic environment. The School of Education Mission Statement exemplifies the activities of its students and faculty. One of its primary goals is to positively impact student commitment to life-long learning in a global society, supporting and enhancing Christian characteristics of servant leadership.

The Committee for Global Education Service provides cultural immersion and clinical experience opportunities for students and faculty in partnership with the Belize Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education recognized the importance of the foundational years and began preschool classes in the government schools. And in 2014, during Campbellsville University’s first Belize trip, the Secretary of Education established one month each year for Early Childhood Recognition. Campbellsville’s IECE faculty provide professional development workshops for the preschool teachers each year.

When Belize received a UNESCO grant to write a national early childhood curriculum for colleges to prepare preschool teachers, Campbellsville University IECE faculty were invited to assist in the development and then to implement the program in collaboration with Belize colleges starting in 2017. The first cohort of associate degree ECE students graduated two years later and a second cohort started in 2021. Campbellsville now offers an online Bachelor degree in ECE to Belize students. The Belize Ministry of Education is recommending these first graduates for leadership positions in Early Childhood. Campbellsville was recognized as an institution of higher education making outstanding contributions to Belize education, especially in the early childhood field, by the Consortium of Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC).

In addition to the annual spring break service learning opportunities in Belize, the Committee for Global Education Service has provided early summer global learning abroad opportunities for those interested in connecting with educators around the world. Campbellsville’s IECE faculty have also provided professional development workshops in Nigeria and early childhood workshops across China. The Master of Education – Montessori program is also offered by Campbellsville to two cohorts in partnership with the Zijing Group in Beijing China.

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