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Electronic Gift Transfer

Giving to Campbellsville, Made Easy!

How does the pre-approved gift transfer work?

The electronic gift transfer program works in cooperation with your bank or credit card company, similar to automatic teller machines, direct deposit of payroll, Social Security checks, pay-by-phone and other electronic banking services you’ve already experienced. The transaction is completed without paper handling.

What payment options do you have for someone wanting to participate in this program?

You may have your gifts automatically deducted from your checking account or a credit card on a monthly basis.

How do I enroll in the program?

You may request an authorization form or more information by calling Office of Development at (270) 789-5211.

What happens if I change banks or credit cards?

To ensure that your gift continues without interruption, simply call the Development Office at (270) 789-5211.

Can more money be taken from my account than I have authorized?

Absolutely not. Electronic gift transfer, like any banking transaction, is regulated by federal agencies. You designate the amount and frequency of the transactions.

How will I know when my gift has been deducted and that it is going to Campbellsville University?

Your gift payment is itemized on your checking account or credit card statement each month, showing the date, the recipient, and amount deducted from your account.

What if I want to change the amount of my gift?

To change your gift amount, simply call our office at (270) 789-5211 in order to update your information.

Why does Campbellsville University recommend this program?

In addition to the convenience to you, this plan eliminates costs the University otherwise would expend on pledge reminders, postage and other administrative details. It puts your gift to CU to work faster and more easily.