Dr. Carey Ruiz 1

Dr. Carey Ruiz

Associate Professor of Sociology
Main Campus
Diversity & Community Center

Dr. Carey Ruiz is an Assistant Professor of Sociology for the Division of Social Science at Campbellsville University, a liberal arts institution located in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Dr. Ruiz teaches courses related to issues of social and criminal justice.

Dr. Ruiz completed her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Kentucky in 2012. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies from Western Kentucky University. Dr. Ruiz specializes social inequality, specifically, gender, race and social class.  In the past, her research interests have included, public perceptions of welfare recipients, an evaluation of impoverished women’s reproductive choices, best practices for teaching about race and other controversial topics in the classroom, and adolescent perceptions of and reactions to racism. Dr. Ruiz is particularly interested in the way in which perceptions and stereotypes are influenced by social structure and how those perceptions motivate people into action. She has also collaborated with other researchers in the areas of examining relationships between poverty and eugenics, and human trafficking.  In addition to conference presentations and publications in the areas of race and poverty, Dr. Ruiz has led several university student group discussions on race relations and has led as panel discussions on race and poverty in her community. In addition to her duties as an assistant professor, Dr. Ruiz serves as the Director of Diversity and Community at Campbellsville University.

Dr. Ruiz lives with her spouse and their children in Lexington, Kentucky.

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