Robert, Abiodun (Charles)

Dr. Charles Robert

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems/Computer Science
Louisville Education Center

With a PhD in Computer and Information System management from, I previously worked for 10 years in International Research Centres developing Information Systems across Operating System platforms. I developed systems for Agricultural crop management for the tropic and Weather and Weed Handbook / Management report systems. I have worked on Vector and Rasta files for Geographical Information systems.  I participated in the implementation of the on-going Open-data, Open-access initiative. I am at home with PostgresSQL, MySql, Sqlalchemy and RDBMS on different environment and of course the NoSQL (MongoDB). I am experienced in Cloud computing platforms of AWS and Azure. I am current in the use of Machine Learning algorithms to solve problems. I have more than 30 publications (Journals and Conference articles) in Information Management and Computer Programming applied to research. My teaching experiences span some 18 years in Universities in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa  and America.

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