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Eric Bruns

Dr. Eric Bruns

Professor of Psychology
Main Campus
Druien Hall

As a college student, I was having difficulty finding myself and had tried several majors before a mentor in my life encouraged me to think about counseling as a career. When I finally started focusing on school in a serious way and began psychology classes for the first time, I found the right fit. Looking back now I can say that I finally was listening to the call that God had on my life. I am glad I listened.

My educational background includes a B.A. in psychology from Indiana University (1988), an M.A. in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Houston Clear Lake (1992), and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University (1999). I am also a licensed psychologist (KY129568) and am an academic member of the Kentucky Psychological Association, and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Society for Christian Psychology.

I enjoy working at CU because I am encouraged to share my Christian Faith, because I can focus on excellence of teaching, and because of the relationships. One of the greatest gifts we get from our Heavenly Father is the richness of being in relationships. Of course, the greatest relationship is with Jesus, but after that we have so many people who we cross paths with during life that we can be blessed through them. I have an incredible set of colleagues, in the Psychology Department and across the University, along with an excellent administrative team. Our small class size at CU along with being an advisor creates an opportunity to get to know the students and hopefully be of great service to them as they progress along their degree process. Also, being able to see students leave us and find jobs they love or go on to graduate school is very rewarding. Finally, the atmosphere at CU is very supportive of families and I love that I can bring my children on campus and for them to know people I work with and students I teach.

Outside of my duties to the University I maintain a small clinical/counseling practice within which I utilize primarily a Humanistic/Existential approach. This of course is also delivered within the context of my spiritual beliefs based upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life. It has been my experience that the majority of individuals who seek assistance from a professional helper have lost their way and need help finding their way back to a path of effective living. The reasons for getting lost may vary and can include being wounded in a primary relationship (family of origin, romance, peers, etc.) or seeking a way to minimize the anxiety we all face as we make our way through life’s stages. Additionally, I serve as a consultant with the local District Court and assist families with assessments when questions of Guardianship come up.

Some of my previous work experience includes: Community Mental Health at Seven Counties Services; Residential Substance Abuse Treatment – Kentucky Department of Corrections; Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and rotations in the PTSD Clinic and Inpatient Psychiatry. I have also held adjunct faculty positions at Indiana University Southeast and Jefferson Community College.