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Susan Howell

Dr. Susan Howell

Professor of Psychology
Main Campus
Druien Hall

I fell in love with psychology as an undergraduate student here at Campbellsville where I received my undergraduate degree in 1982. I found that I really enjoyed learning about human behavior, what motivates and influences us, what helps relationships flourish, and what can we do to fix relationships that are struggling. It excited me to think of using what I was learning to help people live fuller, happier lives. In fact, one thing I love is that psychology not only provides wonderful career opportunities, but it also provides insight into our personal lives.

After graduating from Campbellsville College, I went on to the University of Louisville for my graduate work. I received a Master of Education with an emphasis in marriage and family counseling and an Ed.D. with an emphasis in counseling and development. I worked as a therapist for a while before beginning my teaching career.

In 1994, I came back to Campbellsville to teach at my alma mater. As a teacher, I thoroughly enjoy helping students reach their professional goals in an atmosphere where we are free to integrate our discipline with our faith experience.

My research interests also reflect this integration of psychology and faith. For instance, I’ve completed research on campus regarding how our personality influences our faith experience and what we want in our relationships with other Christians. I’ve also done a lot of writing in areas of gender studies, specifically how gendered socialization influences our behavior and expectations, and toward the end of promoting gender equality in the home, church, and society.

Dr. Howell’s book, Buried Talents: Overcoming Gendered Socialization to Answer God’s Call, describes the subtle forms of socialization that discourage women from entering church leadership and other male-dominated occupations.