Vernon Roddy

Dr. Vernon Roddy

Professor of Economics
Main Campus
Administration Building

Certain Particulars:

—Third child and second son of the four children of Annie Novella (Gammon) and Victor
Lee Roddy, which relation will reveal, if looked into, pretty-much all one needs to know
about me.
—Native Tennessean (Of and From Middle Tennessee, Cumberland River, Volunteer
State, United States of America, Hartsville, Trousdale County, Tennessee, to be more
to be more exact).
—Husband (in different periods) to two loving sweetheart spouses; also earthly father of
two precious, delightful but now all-grown-up children (one girl and one boy), and
granddaddy of some (3) wonderful grandchildren but less kin.
—Currently, instructor, academic advisor, and professor of economics at Campbellsville
University (Kentucky), both undergraduate and graduate levels; and, previously, college
professor at four other colleges, namely, Hanover College (Indiana), University of
Tennessee (Knoxville), Cumberland College and University (Tennessee), and Carson-
Newman College (Tennessee).
—Sometime researcher, writer and author of articles, books, and monographs on
economics and regional history and geography.
—Avid reader of maps, histories, Americana, including children’s books.
—Avid church Sunday School participant.
—Had a vision that the Lord God was apparently a Musician and definitely a Comedian,
but that I should be more humble.
—Stayed out of trouble for a long time.
—Loves various music, sports, movies (including documentaries), tomatoes, peppers, and
banana vanilla pudding (butterscotch is not so bad either), and ice cream; and dislikes

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