Using Rubrics in Moodle and Turnitin

Do you use rubrics in grading papers or other assignments? If so, you may want to explore the use of rubrics in Moodle and Turnitin.

When you create an assignment in Moodle where students upload a paper to complete the assignment, you may create a rubric for easy grading inside the Moodle grading interface. For brief instructions on how to create and use a rubric for grading in Moodle, see the Learning House Knowledgebase article here. For a detailed description with links to other resource pages, see the Moodle documentation site’s Rubrics page.

The use of rubrics for grading is also available inside the Turnitin integration. When you grade an assignment based in Turnitin, you will use Turnitin’s grading interface called Feedback Studio. Inside that interface you may also create (or select) a rubric for easy grading. See the instruction pages for creating and grading with a rubric inside the Turnitin integration at Turnitin’s Instructor Guide articles in the “Rubric Scorecard” section.

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