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Andrew Weilawski’s art hosted at Campbellsville University

March 3, 2016

For Immediate Release

By Jesse Harp, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY. — Sculptor Andrew Weilawski’s artwork will be displayed in Campbellsville University’s Pence-Chowning Art Gallery until March 21.

Weilawski, a native of Bedford Hills, N.Y., specializes in sculptures, with his art consisting mainly of people carved from stone. He has also been a member of the World Wide Arts Resources Corporation since 2003.

Linda J. Cundiff, chair of the department of art and design at Campbellsville University and professor of art, said this gallery exhibit is of New York City quality, and everyone should see it as it is a once in a lifetime exhibit.

Davie Reneau, associate professor of art, said the exhibit shows 100 years of historic importance. She said Weilaski is a master of stone work. “We are so fortunate to get this work,” Reneau said.

table created by artist“An artist who creates a language will not fit into any already existing niche, and will alienate those looking for something they already know about, like gallerists, collectors and museums.“If you go for those who are in the know about artistic periods, about current trends, and about a symbolic language that requires training to understand, then the artist will miss a huge audience. The artist then becomes a slave to styles created by others. If on the other hand, you work towards reaching multiple levels of viewers, then your task becomes more difficult, and at the same time, more fulfilling.“Art must communicate ideas and have them received the way the artist intends, reaching as many viewers as possible to provoke an emotional response,” Weilawski said.

“Creativity, however, is like water…it will find its way around such obstructions, and bring the artist satisfaction and a clientele that appreciates what they create without regard for what’s in fashion. Most of all, this way of producing reflects the rarity of truth in a world mostly dedicated to superficial values.”

Weilawski graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor of fine arts in 1977. He then took an apprenticeship with Bogdan Groom in New Jersey. Following the completion of his apprenticeship in 1980, Weilawski trained in Italy with master marble artisans.

With a desire to travel and an interest in the exploration of other countries, Weilawski has shared his art throughout the United States and all over the world. His collections have been displayed nationally in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida and Kentucky and internationally in Italy and Monaco.

Weilawski has given exhibitions in Greece and Italy and in museums across the United States. His work has also been represented in galleries in Greece, Monaco, Italy and Maryland.

Weilawski’s inspiration is drawn from watching the behavior of people in a new environment, observing how unbefitting they are in the new world around them.

“It inspired me to comment on how they never quite fit into the new place they went,” Weilawski said.

trapeze statueA reception for Weilawski will take place following his lecture in the Art Building on March 21 at 3:30 p.m. He will also be conducting a workshop for Davie Reneau’s sculpture class in April.Weilawski will also be giving an Artist Talk at Campbellsville University on March 21 at 2 p.m. He has given lectures at Royal Academy in London, Birkegaardens Foundation in Stockholm, Cleveland Institute of Art, European School of Economics, and most recently, Syracuse University and Kansas City Art Institute.

Everyone is invited to the show and reception.

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