Asian American Statement from the President

Asian American Statement from the President

A Statement from the President

There are national concerns of hate crimes focused on our Asian-Americans citizens and visitors. Evidence is surfacing that incidents of harassment targeting our Asian sisters and brothers across the nation is coming from racist and inflammatory language, blaming them for the COVID-19 pandemic. With reports of senseless murders of Asian business people in Georgia, we recognize the pain and fear our Asian students may be experiencing. To our Asian students: we want you to know you belong at CU, and we are glad you are here!

Campbellsville University was founded on Christian principles of love and a deep respect for the dignity of life. We reject hate in all its forms.  We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for our students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds and walks of life.

A secure learning environment is critical in the comprehensive education at Campbellsville University. If a student or others on our main campus or at any of our centers feel that they have been subjected to harassment or unfair treatment, be aware that CU has policies in place to address these issues. We have made our stance in the Student Handbook.

Verbal abuse directed toward students, faculty, staff or guests of the University. This includes threatening or obscene phone calls, emails and social media. Cases of hazing also fall into this category. The University will not condone actions or words which a reasonable person would regard as either threatening, sexual, discriminatory harassment or violation of an individual’s civil rights. (Student Handbook pg. 57)

If you have received harassment or unfair treatment in the greater university community, we want know and we want to help you.

Call 270-789-5016 or email hrquestion@campbellsville.edu.

Our scriptures encourage us to share love not hate. “Above all, keep loving one another deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”.  (1 Peter 4:8 NIV)

Peace and safety to all,

Keith Spears

Interim President