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Atwood speaks on the importance of having faith at Campbellsville University’s The Vine service March 2

Atwood speaks on the importance of having faith at Campbellsville University’s The Vine service March 2 1
Matt Atwood

By Scarlett Birge, student news writer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – “God is going to pull you through what you’re struggling with,” Matt Atwood, outside linebacker coach for Campbellsville University football, said at the university’s The Vine service in Ransdell Chapel March 2.

He spoke about remembering the Lord’s power and embracing faith through Him while referencing Luke 16:31 and 23:39-40.

“Our faith is choice based,” he said. “You have to actively choose to have faith in God.”

Atwood said it is only natural to be skeptical sometimes, but we must trust in Christ because He has the power to make anything possible.

“Nothing is impossible to the God that we serve,” he said.

Atwood said the two main competitors we face in our lives are ourselves and Satan, but with God we have the strength to overcome anything.

“No stranglehold that you feel Satan has on you is too strong for what God has in store for your life and his plan,” he said.

Atwood said our lives depend on the willingness to put our faith on the line every day in order to work against sin and temptation. He said faith is imperative to life because Satan will always be putting pressure on us.

Worldly things should not be the most important thing to focus on because they will fade away, he said. At the very end of everything, all we are left with is our faith in God.

“Have faith that God’s got your back,” he said. “You always have God.”

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