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Ava Bingham Reynolds urges students to ‘find themselves’ in college

Ava Bingham Reynolds urges students to ‘find themselves’ in college
Ava Bingham Reynolds speaks at Campbellsville University’s March 17 chapel service.

By Anastasia Gentry, student news writer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky.  – Ava Bingham Reynolds, a member of the Campbellsville University Board of Trustees, urged students to find themselves in college at a chapel service March 17.

Reynolds graduated from Campbellsville College in 1975 and received her Master of Theology in 2007 from Campbellsville University.

She discussed her past experiences of being a student at Campbellsville University and how she had multiple professors she could easily go to, to talk to for advice.

“Have you found your person, who will give you advice or a pep talk when you need it? If not, do so because it is very important,” Reynolds said.

“I thought I would give you all some advice as students, then I would urge you to remember that you have the opportunity to not just study a particular subject, you have the opportunity to learn so much more about yourself, about your classmates, learn from your professors and gain life lessons when you engage in the academic environment,” she said.

Reynolds said she was always inspired by the staff at Campbellsville College when she was a student. She was impressed with everyone at the college from the dining hall staff to the custodians to faculty on how positive they were with their attitude.

“Don’t limit yourself from whom you choose to learn from,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said her college experience wasn’t always positive. “Life happens in college,” she said.

She said in the 1970s diversity hardly existed. She said she was the only African American in the choir group of 25 students, and no one welcomed her in their family because of her being an African American.

She said, through the anger and confusion she had felt, “God impressed on me to sing in my best soprano voice and smile despite the period of emotions I was experiencing. Only God could have taken my migrate effort and shine through the sadness and anger that I had felt at the time,” she said.

Reynolds read Psalm 46:1: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

She said Paul reminds everyone to not lie to each other. “Christ is all and in all,” she said.

“I believe singularly and collectively that Christians are to represent Christ wherever we go, as we go.” Reynolds said “in 2021, we cannot let patriotism, religion, racism, colorism, sexism and gender bias separate us as being human.”

“We must instead embrace and celebrate the diverse population that enhances the world and enhances Campbellsville University,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said everyone needs to love and treat others with kindness in the pandemic in which the world is experiencing.

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