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Belmont University organist to play at CU Oct. 15

Oct. 11, 2013
For Immediate Release

By Lucas Pennington, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky.—Dr. Douglas Murray, professor of English at Belmont University, will present Campbellsville University’s next Noon Organ Recital on Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 12:20 in Ransdell Chapel, located on the main campus of Campbellsville University at 401 N. Hoskins Ave, Campbellsville.

 Dr. Douglas Murray
Dr. Douglas Murray

Murray’s program will be entirely improvisational using themes given to him about one hour before the recital.

Murray said, “European organists study improvisation. Many of them of amazingly adept! I am part of a group of American organists who are working to revive the lost art of improvisation.”

Murray started on the piano when he was a young child back in North Carolina, but he was “bowled” over by the organ when he first heard a good one played in a reverberant room.

Murray said, “I love hymns and hymn tunes. Any time I play for people to sing is memorable–especially a large congregation in a reverberant room.”

Murray said, “Playing for Lessons and Carols in Sewanee (the University of the South) is one of my fondest memories–also playing in the National Competition in a organ Improvisation in 2012, where I took third prize. There were three rounds. In each, I was put in a room without a keyboard, given a set of themes–and then left alone for 30 minutes so I could plan what form and mood my improvisation would take. Then I had to play!”

Murray serves as an organist at the Nashville’s First Presbyterian Church, at Franklin and Tyne, where he plays on the German-made Beckerath organ.

Murray’s musical specialties include improvisation in the French and baroque styles and all music associated with the Church of England.

For more information, contact Dr. Wesley Roberts, professor of music, at (270) 789-5287 or mwroberts@campbellsville.edu.

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