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Bishop Joseph Walker III encourages CU students, says God has a purpose for all at chapel

During a recent chapel service at Campbellsville University, Bishop Joseph Walker III reminded students nothing can stop what God wants to do in their lives.
Photo/Leinner Corrales

By Simon Baker, student news writer, Office of Marketing and Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – During a recent chapel service at Campbellsville University, Bishop Joseph Walker III encouraged students to keep trusting in God, and he reminded them that, by trusting in God, blessings will come in life.

Bishop Walker has pastored at historic Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn. for 30 years.

Walker opened his remarks by noting, “I am here today to help you understand that you’re going to get through this, and the way you get this – whatever ‘this’ is – is to really understand who you are and why God has entrusted you with something so amazing purpose.”

Walker noted that God created humans with a design and with intention.

“God has established a purpose in all of us,” Walker explained. “We often do not realize that purpose because there is a path toward discovering your purpose.”

Walker emphasized, “When God calls you, He calls you.”

He added, “The way you will know God’s calling is because everything in your flesh will fight it and say, ‘No God, not that. I want to do this.’”

Walker recalled the moment when he personally felt God reveal His intentions for Walker’s life, which were different than what Walker had planned.

“I was 20 years old on my way to law school,” Walker noted. “I come from a family of judges and lawyers, and I had it all scripted out, and then God called me into the ministry. I didn’t know I was being called into it, but He was pulling me. I did not choose it. It chose me.”

Walker transitioned and talked directly to the students about the experience they will have at Campbellsville University. He encouraged them to keep working hard, and that they will graduate and succeed.

Walker told the students, “I got a feeling I’m going to be talking to some sophomore who’s wondering, ‘Can I get through this,’ and some senior is going to tell them, ‘What you are struggling with, I’ve already been through it,’ because God will take you through it.”

Walker then shared about “how to be like Jesus.”

“He was familiar with betrayal, He was familiar with persecution, but He never let His adversity become greater than his assignment,” Walker said.

Walker closed by telling students, “I just simply want you to remember you are carrying something amazing. It is so powerful. There’s no force, no demon in hell, that could ever stop what God wants to do in your life from coming to pass.”

Dr. Jason Meriwether, vice president of enrollment management and assistant professor of education, introduced Walker, who serves as his pastor, and recalled the first time he ever met Walker.

“I cannot explain to you the life-changing experience that my family had the first time we went to Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee,” Meriwether shared.

Meriwether added, “I mean, this brother is everywhere, but really what taught me about his heart for God was when my son Julian was four years old and had asthma, and about 10 minutes later, the phone rang in the hospital, and it’s Bishop Walker.”

“I hadn’t even joined the church yet, and he came into the hospital, and he came back in the back with my family, and he prayed over my four-year-old son.”

Bishop Walker received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University; and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. He holds three honorary Doctorates from Meharry Medical College, Southern University and Kentucky State University.

Walker currently serves on the Board of Directors for Meharry Medical College and Citizens Savings Bank & Trust.

In October 2016, he was appointed by former TN Governor Bill Haslam to serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Tennessee State University, Presently, the ministry has grown to over 30,000 and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate of over 1,000 souls per year, Jamie Lawrence, executive Director of Ministry and Church Outreach at Campbellsville University said.

Walker, through his weekly television broadcast that reaches 15 million viewers worldwide.

Walker is a best-selling author of thirteen books, according to his biography His latest book, Leadership and Loneliness, outlines ways to understand, manage and find opportunities in the moments of loneliness associated with leadership.

Walker and his wife, Stephaine, co-authored a book together titled, “Becoming a Couple of Destiny.

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