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Campbellsville University alumnus, Dr. Billy Compton, speaks of hope at chapel

Campbellsville University alumnus, Dr. Billy Compton, speaks of hope at chapel
Dr. Billy Compton speaks to chapel attendees about hope and how the Lord works throughout your life. (CU Photo by Whitley Howlett)

By Matthew M. Billiot, student news writer, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – “Our hope is not like Lazarus that’s resuscitated, it is a resurrected hope,” Dr. Billy Compton, pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church and alumnus of Campbellsville University, said at Campbellsville University’s chapel Feb. 13.

Compton said, “Our hope is not based on wishful thinking. It is based in reality, because God pursues you. Faith is not improbable.

“No matter what happens, God loves you enough to pursue you. He is working out of His grace.

“God loves us unconditionally, and He shows us His grace and mercy without strings attached,” Compton said.

He said, “Hope is possible because God is working. No matter what happens, God working in your life will help you in any and all situations, even if it’s to remind you He loves you.”

Even when we continue to make mistakes, Compton said, “God’s response to us no matter what, is, ‘That’s alright, I love you anyways.’ Because God pursues you, run the race.”

Compton said, “No matter what happens, God will love and help you. The word of Hope is connected to the word God. Our hope is not dead, it is not even resuscitated.”

“God will secure your future; it is not built in what I do, but what Christ has done,” he said. “That is the reality of hope, not wishful thinking.”

Compton said, “God responds to our response.”

Compton graduated from Campbellsville University in 1971. He became pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church as the interim pastor in January 2018, but later accepted a full-time position at the church.

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