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Campbellsville University honors 169 teachers from 60 school districts in Excellence in Teaching Ceremony

Campbellsville University held the 32nd Excellence in Teaching Ceremony recognizing 169 teachers from 60 school districts.
Campbellsville University held the 32nd Excellence in Teaching Ceremony recognizing 169 teachers from 60 school districts.

By Kasey Ricketts, communications assistant, Office of University Communications

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. –At the annual 32nd Excellence in Teaching Ceremony, CU recognized 169 teachers from 60 school districts. A total of 3,749 teachers have been recognized for their teaching excellence throughout the years.

Kentucky State Senator Max Wise shared his appreciation for the teachers across the commonwealth during the program held at Campbellsville University.

“The ability to mentor students, the ability to watch students walk across that graduation stage, and just the ability to  play a role in students lives is so meaningful that each of you teachers do every day in so many aspects,” Wise said.

Wise spoke about how as an educator you are along for so many experiences of your students’ lives.

“Their progression is influenced by you every day as an educator – to help them grow, to help them learn and to mature,” Wise said.

As a parent of four, Wise has become aware of the amount of time that teachers spend with their students and the amount of time that goes into planning to provide for their classrooms.

“Your working hours do not start or end by the ring of a bell – it does not start by a calendar date. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for the time and the effort that you put into your job to help your students succeed,” Wise said.

Dr. Donna Hedgepath, vice president for academic affairs, and Dr. Beverly Ennis, dean of the School of Education presented the certificates to the teachers before a luncheon in Winters Dining Hall.

Hedgepath, who has taught in the public-school system, told the teachers, “We celebrate you today. We applaud the best of the best of teachers today.”

Ennis said, “Teaching is the profession that creates all others,” is a motto hanging in Campbellsville University’s School of Education building.

She said Campbellsville University is the most diverse private college in Kentucky and is in the top five lowest debt colleges in the southern region of the United States.

Dr. Chuck Hamilton, associate professor of Education, introduced Max Wise and read the names of the honorees.

Kelli Evans, a Campbellsville University student, sang, and Corey Bonds, assistant director of bands and instructor in music, accompanied her on piano.

Dr. Shane Garrison, vice president for enrollment services, gave the benediction before the luncheon.

The Excellence in Teaching Awards program is in partnership with Lexington’s CBS-affiliate, WKYT-TV.

The Excellence in Teaching Award recipients include the following with their superintendent listed first:

Adair County School System, Superintendent Dr. Pamela Stephens – Courtney Grant, Adair County Elementary School, 2013 Campbellsville University graduate; Cynthia Walker, Adair County Middle School, Campbellsville University 1984 graduate; and Jennifer Martin, Adair County High School, Campbellsville University 2013 graduate;
Bardstown Independent School System, Superintendent Brent Holsclaw – John Wheat, Bardstown High School, 1996 Campbellsville University graduate;

Barren County School System, Superintendent Bo Matthews – Jacquelyn Weygandt, North Jackson Elementary School; Jenny Slinker, Barren County Middle School; and Katie Keating, Barren County High School;

Bell County School System, Superintendent Yvonne Gilliam – Angela Carroll, Page School Center; Rebecca Yeary, Bell Central School Center; and Tammy Debrot, Bell County High School;

Boyd County School System, Superintendent William Boblett Jr. – Tracie Salyers, Cannonsburg Elementary School; Melanie Jarrell, Boyd County Middle School; and David McClelland, Boyd County High School, Campbellsville University 2009 graduate;

Breckinridge County School System, Superintendent Nick Carter – Katie Staples, Irvington Elementary School, Campbellsville University 2009 and 2012 graduate; Caitlin Jennings, Breckinridge County Middle School; and Chris Hamilton, Breckinridge County High School;

Bullitt County School System, Superintendent Dr. Keith Davis – Rebecca Wollam, Brooks Elementary School; Lauren Burress, Eastside Middle School; and Eugene Siler, North Bullitt High School;

Butler County School System, Superintendent Scott Howard — Sherry Clark, Morgantown Elementary School; Alison McKinney, Butler County Middle School; and Catron Burdette, Butler County High School;

Campbellsville Independent School System, Superintendent Kirby Smith – Laura Dicken, Campbellsville Elementary School, Campbellsville University 1995 graduate; Sharon Harris Campbellsville Middle School, Campbellsville University 1985 graduate; and Jo Ann Harris, Campbellsville High School, Campbellsville University 1985 and 2016 graduate;

Carter County School System, Superintendent Dr. Ronnie Dotson – Brittany Berry, Prichard Elementary School; Christopher Neff, East Cater Middle School; and Jaime Tiller, East Carter High School;

Casey County School System, Superintendent Marion Sowders – Kristy Lee, Liberty Elementary School, Campbellsville University 2004 graduate; Amanda White, Casey County Middle School; and Joshua Gibson, Casey County High School;

Caverna Independent School System, Superintendent Cornelius Faulkner – Marla Estes, Caverna Elementary School; Ruth Ann Davis, Caverna Middle School; and Brandi Matthews, Caverna High School;

Danville Independent Schools, Superintendent Dr. Keith Look – Heather Gover, Toliver Elementary School; Anthony Carney, Bate Middle School; and Derek Otto, Danville High School;

Daviess County School System, Superintendent J. Matthew Robbins – Kelly Smith, Tamarack Elementary School; Christina Howard, College View Middle School; and Steve Easley, Daviess County High School;

East Bernstadt Independent School System, Superintendent Vicki Jones – DeAnna Eversole, East Bernstadt Independent School, Elementary; and Susan Elza, East Bernstadt Independent School, Middle;

Edmonson County School System, Superintendent Patrick Waddell – Dawn Decker, Kyrock Elementary School; Karen Treece, Edmonson County Middle School; and Leslie Clemmons, Edmonson County High School;

Elizabethtown Independent School System, Superintendent Jon Ballard – Eric Bristol Helmwood Heights Elementary School; and Kaleena Thompson, Elizabethtown High School;

Estill County School System, Superintendent Jeffery Saylor – Melisa Burkhart, West Irvine Intermediate School; Donald Norton, Estill County Middle School; and Zachary Barnett, Estill County High School;

Fayette County School System, Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk – Lisa Mudd, Fayette County Preschool Center; Lindsay Powers, Beaumont Middle School; and Benjamin Zimmerman, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School;

Fulton Independent School System, Superintendent Dr. DeAnna Miller – Allison Evans, Carr Elementary School; Amy Chicoine, Fulton Middle School; and Kathy Thweatt, Fulton High School;

Gallatin County School System, Superintendent Larry Hammond – Melanie Price, Gallatin County Elementary School; Mandy Young, Gallatin County Middle School; and Travis Ogles, Gallatin County High School;

Garrard County School System, Superintendent Corey Keith – Heather Shepherd, Lancaster Elementary School; Nathan Carrier, Garrard Middle School; and Laura Hoskins, Garrard County High School;

Green County School System, Superintendent Jim Frank – Stephanie VanMeter, Green County Intermediate School; James VanMeter, Green County Middle School; and Amanda Olson, Green County High School, Campbellsville University 2004 and 2009 graduate;

Greenup County School System, Superintendent Sherry Horsley – Terri Caseman, McKell Elementary School; Bobbi Brumfield, Wurtland Middle School; and Robert Collins Jr., Greenup County High School;

Hardin County School System, Superintendent Teresa Morgan – Allison Kimble, Meadow View Elementary School; Rachel Bauer, West Hardin Middle School; and Caleb Smith, John Hardin High School;

Harlan County School System, Superintendent Brent Roark – Faith Clem, Black Mountain Elementary School; Andy Howard, Green Hills Elementary School; and Alexandra Nau, Harlan County High School;

Harlan Independent School System, Superintendent Charles Morton – Tracy Gilbert, Harlan Elementary School; Deavin Stewart, Harlan Middle School; and Catherine Jones, Harlan High School;

Harrison County School System, Superintendent Andy Dotson – Jamie Kinsey, Westside Elementary School; John McEwan, Harrison County Middle School; and Susan Caskey, Harrison County High School;

Hart County School System, Superintendent Nathan Smith – Lindsey Fields, LeGrande Elementary School; Carri Goodman, Munfordville Elementary School; and Patricia Puckett, Hart County High School;

Henry County School Systems, Superintendent Terry Price – Kimberly Patterson, Henry County Early Childhood Center; and Laura Adams, Henry County High School;

Jessamine County School System, Superintendent Matt Moore – Lorenzo Villalobos, Wilmore Elementary School; Matthew Cessna, East Jessamine Middle School; and Meghan Banks, Jessamine Career and Technology Center;

Kentucky Christian Academy, Administrator Lori Eubank – Regina Houk, Kentucky Christian Academy, Campbellsville University 2006 graduate;

Knox County School System, Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles – Kimberly Dunn, Jesse D. Lay Elementary School; Krystal Miller, Lynn Camp Middle School; and Peggy Johnson, Knox Central High School;

LaRue County School System, Superintendent Sam Sanders – Erin Hardwick, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School; William Arendt, LaRue County Middle School, Campbellsville University 2005 and 2011 graduate; and Eric Allen, LaRue County High School, Campbellsville University 2012 graduate;

Laurel County School System, Superintendent Dr. Doug Bennett – Steven Renner, Hazel Green Elementary School; Ronnie Hicks, North Laurel Middle School; and Deidra Bastin, North Laurel High School, Campbellsville University 2010 graduate;

Lincoln County School System, Superintendent Michael Rowe – Ella Schuler, Hustonville Elementary School; Timothy Wheeler, Lincoln County Middle School; and Harvey Franklin, Lincoln County High School;

Marion County School System, Superintendent Taylora Schlosser – Joyce Caldwell, Calvary Elementary School, Campbellsville University 1992 and 1998 graduate; Julia Hunt, Marion County Middle School, Campbellsville University 1995 and 2000 graduate; and Kandace Potter, Marion County High School;

Meade County School System, Superintendent Dr. John Millay – Melissa Ford, Flaherty Primary School; Tabitha Seacat, Stuart Pepper Middle School; and Christopher McGee, Meade County High School;

Menifee County School System, Superintendent Timothy Spencer – Jennifer Roberts, Menifee County Elementary School; Kelli Brewer, Menifee County Elementary School; and Melinda Camp, Menifee County High School;

Mercer County School System, Superintendent Dennis Davis – Teresa Harley, Mercer County Elementary School; Michael Floro, King Middle School; and Christina Emmanuel, Mercer County Senior High School;

Metcalfe County School System, Superintendent Dr. Benny Lile – Marissa Everett, Metcalfe County Elementary School; Laura Reed, Metcalfe County Middle School; and Cameron Spires, Metcalfe County High School;

Montgomery County School System, Superintendent Matthew Thompson – Karen Mills, Camargo Elementary School; Lauren High, Montgomery County Intermediate School; and Jamie Allison, Montgomery County High School;

Ohio County School System, Superintendent Scott Lewis – Julie Bullock, Southern Elementary School; and Robert Nicodemus, Ohio County Middle School;

Owen County School System, Superintendent Dr. Robert Stafford – Kathy Spaulding, Owen County Elementary School, Campbellsville University 2011 graduate; Grace Cottam, Maurice Bowling Middle School; and Megan Hearn, Owen County High School;

Owensboro Public School System, Superintendent Dr. Nicholas Brake – Blaire Linn-Neighbors, Cravens Elementary School; Jessica Yaeger, Owensboro Middle School South; and Jennifer Busse, Owensboro High School;

Pulaski County School System, Superintendent Steve Butcher – Anna Pratt, Shopville Elementary School; Lana Nelson-Mayfield, Northern Middle School; and Chelsea Jones, Southwestern High School;

Rockcastle County School System, Superintendent David Pensol – Pamela Anderson, Mount Vernon Elementary School; Cassandra Smith, Rockcastle County Middle School; and Janet Wells, Rockcastle County High School;

Russell County School System, Superintendent Michael Ford – Lisa Kerr, Salem Elementary School; Faith Womack, Russell County Middle School; and Davene DeVore, Russell County High School;

Russellville Independent Schools, Superintendent Bart Flener – Morgan Basham, R.E.  Stevenson Elementary School;

Scott County School System, Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub – Christina Ellison, Lemons Mill Elementary School, Campbellsville University 1999 graduate; Amanda Mullins, Scott County Middle School; and Kimberlee Hayes, Elkhorn Crossing School;

Simpson County School System, Superintendent Dr. James Flynn – Carol Hawks, Franklin Elementary School; Sina Kelley, Franklin Simpson Middle School; and Krista James, Franklin Simpson High School;

Somerset Christian School, Headmaster John Hale – Lydia Griffith, Somerset Christian School, Elementary; Patricia Martin, Somerset Christian School, Middle; and Kayla Sweeney, Somerset Christian School, High;

Somerset Independent School System, Superintendent Kyle Lively – Robin Tarter, Hopkins Elementary School; Donnie Combs, Meece Middle School; and William Blankenship, Somerset High School;

Spencer County School System, Superintendent Charles Adams – Terri Booth, Taylorsville Elementary School; Ronda Cox, Spencer County Middle School; and Katharine VanVactor, Spencer County High School;

Taylor County School System, Superintendent Roger Cook – Melissa Sullivan, Taylor County Primary Center, Campbellsville University 1998 graduate; Patricia Jones, Campbellsville University 1979 and 1998 graduate; and Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Taylor County High School, Campbellsville University 2006 and 2015 graduate;

Union County School System, Superintendent Patricia Sheffer – Brooke Morgan, Morganfield Elementary School; Wendy Dixon, Union County Middle School; and David Curtis, Union County High School;

Walton-Verona Independent School System, Superintendent Dr. Robert Storer – Susan Scott, Walton-Verona Elementary School; and Jonathan Kneisley, Walton-Verona High School;

Warren County School System, Superintendent Rob Clayton – Christi Beam, North Warren Elementary School; Kelli Tinsley, South Warren Middle School; and Crystal Cale, Greenwood High School;

Washington County School System, Superintendent Dr. Robin Cochran – Joanna Smith, North Washington Elementary School; Teresa Burns, Washington County Middle School, Campbellsville University 2002 and 2007 graduate; and Barton Mattingly, Washington County High School; and

Wayne County School System, Superintendent Wayne Roberts – Mindy Bell, Bell Elementary School; Maria Miller, Wayne County Middle School; and Jared Criswell, Wayne County High School.

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